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Are you thinking that your doctor is prescribing you high cost medicine to get commission from pharmaceutical companies ?

or you could not find the brand name prescribed by your doctor from your local chemist ?

or you are a medical student or other person with medical knowledge and you know generic name but want to know brand name?

or you want to know action of drug prescribed to you by your doctor?

If you have any of above question then we have answer to your question/s and we can save your thousands rupees per year.

Study Temple bring unique search engine  GenericPedia – Encyclopedia of Generic Drugs Drugs search engine  via you can search any Brand name, Generic Name or pharmaceutical company.


This website is available for PC , mobile phone – all mobile phone supported

PC website is

Mobile website is



Android Application also available click to install 

Features and How to use this Drugs search engine :

It support following search

  • Drug Brand Name
  • Generic Name
  • Pharmaceutical company Name
  • Generic dose
  • Combination of generic name
  • Search all brand which are 100% similar to other brand
  • Word Auto completion when you type

It support following sorting method 

  • Sort by Price ( Ascending or Descending ) – default method to display results
  • Sort by brand name
  • Sort by Manufacturer name
  • Sort by Product type

last three method will be launched for public use later on

How to use this search engine

Go to this link  Drugs search engine

You will see following page

Study temple drug search engine

Enter any Brand Name or Generic Name or Manufacturer Name or Combination of any of four

you will see suggestion list as soon as you start typing like this ( JavaScript Should be enabled )



You can either select from the suggestion list or you can type if you know exact name.

Following type of Input is supported

  • Full brand or generic name or pharmaceutical company like Dolo Relieve or Doloparacetamol, Medico Health Care etc
  • combination of  any of above like paracetamol Medico Health Care , Dolo paracetamol  etc.
  • Partial Name if you know only part of name of drug or generic name ( minimum of 3 character you should know e.g. para, ceta, medi, dolo ) . Your search query will be like this para* , *ceta* , *mol, i.e. you have to replace the missing characters with * ( without any space )

After entering the search query you have to click search button or press enter button.

You will see following process depending upon whether you have enabled JavaScript or not .

If you have enabled JavaScript of your browser then you will see processing image like this

You will have to wait for 1-2 second to receive the result ( there will not be any new page loading, only you current page will get new data )

If you have disabled JavaScript of your browser then new page will loaded with results like this


this list is sorted by increasing price by default i.e. lowest price brand will be shown on top, in the list if you see any brand name which have desired constituent then you can click on that brand name to see all other brand names which have 100% similar constituents.

while searching if you have entered exactly correct brand name with dose then our system will automatically search all brands with similar constituents.

Following features coming soon

  • Brand name of other countries
  • Indications , contraindications, side effects of all generics

Use this search engine and save your medical expenses.

Please do not forget to add your feedback in comments below.

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