AIIMS MD MS MCH Nov. 2012 all 200 questions with answers

1. most common organism causing neonatal sepsis???
a staph albus
b e coli

2. Tumor marker of glioma – cd113

3. Blue white stain on uv light – semen

4. M.C. complication of long term HAART
– optic neuritis
5. rpt on bacteriodes fragilis

6. Organism in which endotoxin is not involved in pathophysiology – vibrio cholera

7. Epidemic cause of pneumonia spread by aerosol- legionella

8. Sub Himalayan resident with multiple ulcers in lower limb – sporothrix

9. True about bacillus anthrax –mcfaydean reaction (rpt)

10. Child presents with seizures, hypopigmented macule, subnormal iq-tuberous sclerosis (rpt)

11. Preterm babies with PDA, true A/E – apnea/narrow pulse pressure

12. All cause acute anal pain A/E- (ans)anal fistula, (other options)
thrombosed external hemorrhoids,perianal abcess, fissure in ano

13. Not helpful in diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy – beta HCG estimation

14. Child a fussy eater, mother decides to reward child with chocolate
everytime he finishes his meal – operant condition (indirect rpt)

15. Treatment of choice for ca cx 3B-concurrent chemoradiotherapy

16. Total birth 4050 with still birth 50 and neonatal birth 200 NMR 50-rpt

17. Child with hypoglycemia unable utilize glucose from glycogenolysis, gluconeogenesis- G6phosphatase defy

18. Not a second messenger-guanyl cyclase (rpt)

19. Old male with history of loss of consciousness and hence injured
himself, on waking pt with both shoulders adducted internally rotated-B/l posterior dislocation

20. Amphoterecin B therapy with hypokalemia K+=2.3meq- supplement with 40meq over 24 hours?

21. Blood supply to sternomastoid A/E-post auricular (rpt)

22. type1 rta A/E – daily hco3 supplementation >4mmol (aipg 2012 rpt)
23. not used in erectile dysfunction – phenylephrine (rpt)
24. Diabetic with clinical picture of mucormycosis, DOC- amphotericin B (rpt)
25. rho kinase inhi bitor – fasudil (dnb rpt)
26. COL4A5 mutation – alport syndrome (rpt)
27. Infant with respiratory distress was intubated, the fastest and accurate test to confirme intubation is – normal capnography
28. anaesthestic drug to be given for the total body weight rather than ideal body weight- atracurium
29. child presented with volvulus, small intestinal lesion incised, path evaluation revealed presence of what tumor in lesion – lymphoma
30. Causes of calcification of pinna A/E – gout
31. Patient develops urticaria following hot bath and sun exposure – cholinergic utricaria (rpt)
32. ciliary muscle derivative – neural ectoderm
33. True of post tonsillectomy grisels syndrome A/E- neurosurgeon consultation not required
34. Third window effect- superior semicircular canal dehiscence
35. stereotactic radiotherapy – brain tumor/lung tumour (rpt aims)
36. All seen in syringomyelia except – hypertrophy of adductor pollicis
37. 70yo lady on long term alendronate treatment for severe osteoporosis comes with hip and thigh pain, IOC – Xray
38. Drug contraindicated in glaucoma with systemic beta blocker – brimonidine
39. 70yr old retired military man with bitemporal headache that reduced on bitemporal massage and lying down for weeks, due to – chronic tension type headache
40. True about NPCDCS – subcentre has facility for DM and HTN diagnosis and treatment
41. Patient with ICD misplacement, IOC – chest Xray
42. Fixed dilated pupil with Iris Atrophy and Secondary glaucoma – ?
43. Rashtriya Bima Suraksha Yojna – applies to BPL only
44. HIV Sentinel Surveilance to asses – apt use of management resources
45. All true except about RTA – >4mg/d of sodium bicarb (rpt)
46. True about Prions – long incubation period
47. True except about Bfragilis – seen in shock commonly (rpt)
49. screening for hearing in neonates- Otoacoustic Emission
50. Absolute requirement for cochlear implant – presence of auditory nerve
51. knowledge of illness in MMSE – insight
52. Frontotemporal dementia A/E- insight present
53. Treatment advice for patient with recurrent stone A/E –calcium restriction (rpt)
54. structures cut during vasectomy A/E – ilioinguinal nerve
55. EEG monitoring during anaesthesia helps in assessing – depth of anesthesia (rpt)
56. EEG figure-absence seizures (rpt without image)
57. M/C cause of neonatal sepsis- Group Beta streptococcus or E.coli (indirect repeat)
58. DOC for ESBL E. coli – piperacillin
59. Malignancy with B/l proptosis is the commonest presentation of – Leukemia
60. lateral force on knee causing valgus deformity – ? Medial collateral
61. Fixative used in Electron Microscopy – glutaraldehyde (DNB rpt)
62. Double base smokeless powder- nitroglycerin, nitrocellulose
63. Rt axis deviation seen in – tall and thin individual
64. End diastolic volume increases – increase in negative intrathoracic pressure
65. True about testis – gubernaculums attached to caudal end
66. Child intubated and after 2 mins bellows collapse, next step – ?
67. 14 yr old boy unable ot get good grades, was assessed and deemed smart and intelligent, best to diagnose his problem – specific learning disability test
68. Ligament connecting menisci – coronary ligament
69. Self Stimulation of Brain – median forebrain bundle
70. 14 y/o female presents with normal breast and hair, with absent uterus and vagina but normal ovaries – Mullerian Agenesis (rpt)
71. Young man with asymptomatic macules over trunk, erythematous painless lesion over glans, generalized lymphadenopathy, TOC – Benzathine penicillin (rpt)
72. Child with precocious puberty and uncontrollable laughter – hypothalamic hemartoma
73. M.C complication following lens extraction in PHPV – retinal detachment
74. Follow up for recurrence of Prostatic Cancer in elderly – PSA (rpt)
75. Postmortem estimation of gestational age of fetus 2cm in length and 10 gram in weight – 6 weeks (indirect rpt)
76. Site of extravasation of urine in rupture of urethra above deep perineal pouch – true pelvis (indirect rpt)
77. Forced inversion of plantar flexed foot causes damage to which ligament – ?
78. Atrophy of hypothenar muscle with numbness of little and ring finger lesion in – ?
79. CD 95 marker of – extrinsic apoptosis pathway
80. B/L proximal clamping of carotid bodies – increase in vasomotor centre (indirect rpt)
81. Blink reflex – midbrain lesion
82. Kinemyograph -
83. Liver enzyme dephosphorlated to phosphorylated form true is – seen in fasting state than fed state
84. Ocular manifestation of trisomy 13- B/L microphthlmia
85. Blood supply to muscle is increased by all except – increased blood pressure
86. Property not shared by t cell and b cell- antigen presenting site (indirect rpt)
87. Female with 2 month amenorrhoea,with sudden abdominal pain with adnexal mass, upt positive – ectopic pregnancy
88. Nerve root of long thoracic nerve of bell-c567
89. Silverman scoring – 4 (rpt )
90. Ovulation common on rt side A/E – right handedness (rpt)
91. Asssult without intent to kill – Cr PC351
92. choking seen in – shotgun
93. Penicillin g – Rat bite fever
94. Indication for laser uvulopalatoplasty – snoring (old rpt)
95. lady with RA with sudden quadriperesis with increased tone with exaggerated reflex, no bladder/bowel involvement Investigation to be done – MRI of Brain
96. Child with tibia swelling, elevated ESR and periosteal reaction, Investigation – MRI
97. Cholinimimetics not used in – bradycardia
98. Multigravida with previous 2 normal pregnancy now with unstable lie – placenta previa
99. Trial of labour c/I after previous caeserian section – if previous CS is for CPD (rpt)
100. BI-RADS – breast imaging reporting and data system
101. RCT to asses dating in adolescents, random school chosen, random class choses, random students chosen method of sampling – multistage sampling/stratified sampling
102. Lesion in bullous skin lesion with ,oral ulceration – ?suprabasal
103. Chronic high dose alcoholic now acheieves the same effect with lower quantity of alcohol – reverse tolerance
104. What percentage of disability in an individual with V/A 4/6 – 75%
105. Recurrent amoebic abscess drained thrice, now with empty cavity given luminal amoebicide, plan of follow up – USG or CT monthly with Stool Test weekly
106. RHO kinase inhibitor – fasudil (dnb rpt)
107. Antiepileptic of choice in infant with refractory epilepsy at 6hr and 10hr – phenobarbitone
108. Most common cause of neonatal mortality in India – ?
109. Child can say her name, knows her sex and can dress under supervision – ?4yrs
110. DOC for premenstrual syndrome – SSRI (rpt)
111. Not a second generation antihistaminic – cyclizine and fexofenadine
112. Double base smokeless gun powder contains – nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine
113. Lymphoma marker – Common leukocyte antigen
114. 24 y/o male with CKD with positive family history of dead brother with similar CKD and lenticonous – Alport’s Syndrome
115. Structure that doesn’t develop in mesentry of stomach – kidney (rpt)
116. Gait apraxia due to involvement of which artery – MCA
117. Denis classification involves – three column
118. Mechanism of action of intratympanic gentamycin – disruption of sodium and calcium channel
119. Principle of MRCP –
120. Population of yearly patients with cervical cancer based on present incidence – ?1 million
121. Bispectral imagine to monitor depth of anaesthesia (indirect rpt)
122. Lady presents with painful palpable lump, next test – USG
123. Rt hypochondrial pain with elevated diaphragm on xra, A/E – acute cholecystitis
124. Gas ideal for analgesia – Nitrous Oxide
125. Gravid female at 37 weeks gestation comes with visual disturbance, headache and elevated BP, TOC – start antihypertensive, magnesium sulphate and terminate pregnancy
126. Viriable tonometer used in – ?
127. No nerve regeneration occurs in spinal cord due to – ?glial scarring/no endoneural tube
128. Lady with multiple facial abrasion with broken teeth – grievous injury (rpt)
129. GDP expenditure on healthsector in India – 1.4%
130. Biliary obstruction following infected fish consumption – Clonorchis sinensis
131. Child with skin tumour with blistering of skin on exposure to light is due to what genetic anomaly – ?
132. Millenium Development Goals – two/thirds of under 5 mortality rate
133. Reversal of shunt not possible in natural progression of which – TOF
134. Patient on Amphotericin B with hypokalemia of 2.5mEQ/l, potassium supplement at rate of – 40meq/l in 24hrs
135. Enzymes present in CSF examination – CK and LDH
136. In insomnia sleep accurately assessed by – actigraphy
137. All seen in polymyositis except – ophthalmoplegia
138. Cholimimmetics not used in – bradycardia
139. Roll back malaria A/E – ? develop new insecticide/insecticide nets
140. Flow cytometry done in – polycythemia
141. A pt with surgical obstructive jaundice can be evaluated by USG A/E – peritoneal deposits
142. Nerve doesn’t supply gluteus region – sciatica
143. Contraindicated in corneal ulcer – flurometholone
144. Nanotechnology application in medicine, A/E – ?
145. Transition from infectious diseases to manmade and non communicable disease – epidemiological transition
146. Lady with scant vaginal discharge, foul smelling with no cells, syndromic management is – metronidazole and fluconazole (rpt)
147. Curve with mean > mode – right positive skew (rpt)
148. Mass prophylaxis not done in – scabies (rpt)
149. Which is not seen in megaloblastic anaemia – raised bilirubin
150. Population of 10lakh with 30% under 16yrs, with prevalence of blindness 0.8 per 1000 in that age group, population affected – 240
151. Leukemic patient with dry tap and myelofibrosis – megakaryocytic leukemia
152. Corrective surgery adviced in child with rickets when – serum phosphate is normal
153. True about tetanus toxoid A/E – ?passed from mother to foetus/useless in a pt with no past history of immunization with trauma
154. Similar to T and B cell A/E – antigen presenting site
155. With absence of brain involvement, CNS directed treatment is not required in – ?burkitt’s
156. Cognitive impairment due to aging due to – homocysteine (aipg rpt)
157. Population 5000 with myopic prevalence of 500. New cases of 90, incidence is – 1.8% (don’t remember the question values but answer is correct)
158. Child with mass in upperhumerus with cortical thinning and periosteal reaction, toc A/E – bone radiotherapy
159. Patient with first metatarsophal jt involvement with CKD – RA
160. Least likely to occur in uterine leiomyoma – fatty degeneration
161. Seen in ARDS – airbronchogram on Xray (rpt)
162. Actual body wt instead of ideal body wt preferred in – atracurarium
163. Modified allen test – at wrist (rpt)
164. Causative agent of SARS – coronavirus (rpt)
165. One parent with balanced translocation of 15/21, advice given – ?adoption
166. Age for trachoma screening – 1 to 9 yrs
167. Pseudosulcus seen in – laryngopharyngeal reflux
168. Sternomastoid muscle supplied by A/E – Post auricular (rpt)
169. Ionizing radiation affects which cell cycle – M phase
170. Lady with progressive loss of vision with photopic vision – Stargradts Disease
171. ASS grade of patient with controlled HTN – ASA 2
172. Radiographical diagnosis of intestinal obstruction – small bowel dilatation of more than 3cm
173. Protozoa that affects the eye – toxoplasma
174. A/E true about Lidocaine – most cardiotoxic lethal antiarrhythmic
175. Seen in Burger’s Disease – neural involvement present (indirect rpt)
176. Pathogenesis of Raynaud’s phenomenon – ?
177. Associated with membrane raft – GPI anchored protein
178. Next investigation in generalized lymphadenopathy with 70%lymphocytes and TLC 20,000 – peripheral blood cytological analysis
179. Seen in pregnancy with heart disease – systemic hypotension
180. True A/E – retinoids affect vitamin E metabolism
181. Child with Hb 3.4g% with history of transufion 3months back, with microcytic hypochoromic cells with target cells and erythroid expansion changes in bone – beta thalassemia major
182. In HIV pregnancy true A/E – forceps preferred to vacuum delivery
183. Difficulty in dorsiflexion of distal phalanx if index finger, mngmt is- splint
184. Fixed number of vertebral column found in – thoracic
185. Stain used in sebaceous cell carcinoma of eye lid – Oil Red O stain
186. Patient with increased serum cysteine, with multiple renal stones, treatment plan A/E – penicillamine
187. True A/E – ?Dopamine affective vasodilation (cant remember)
188. IOC for lady with dysmenorrhoea with cyclical pain and infertility – diagnostic laparascopy (rpt)
189. Hyperacute transplant rejection due to – preformed antibodies in recipient
190. Epiglottis derived from – fourth arch
191. Comparative chromosomal analysis of normal cell genetics with neoplastic cell – comparative genomic hybridization
192. Patient with heroin addiction comes with pinpoint pupin and coma, doc – IV Naloxone

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