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Don Juan Manuel -Lo que sucedió a un mozo que casó con una muchacha de muy mal carácter-castillian writer-1282-1348 66 years old-politician and soldier-literature was his hobby-all works in one volume and destroyed in a fire-8 books today&books are to teach l
Lo que sucedió a un mozo que casó con una muchacha de muy mal carácter What happened to the young man that married a a girl of bad character
Lo que sucedio a un mozo que caso con una muchacha de muy mal caracterSummary of Don Juan Manuel Patronio lives with his father and they are poor and a Moor man lives with his evil daughter. Patronio does not want to be poor any more and decides to marry the woman that nobody will marry.
Lo que sucedio a un mozo que caso con una muchacha de muy mal caracterCount Lucanor Advises Patronio not to marry the evil girl.
Lo que sucedio a un mozo que caso con una muchacha de muy mal caracter.Patronio Wants to take his family out of poverty. After their wedding, he kills a dog, a cat and then a horse. This scares evil girl and she is his behaved wife.
Lo que sucedio a un mozo que caso con una muchacha de muy mal caracter.Father of Evil Daughter Knows that his daughter is evil. Says he will not be a good friend if he accepts the offer to marry.
Lo que sucedio a un mozo que caso con una muchacha de muy mal caracterMeaning of the story If from the beginning you do not act how you are when you wanted.It is necessary to always be the same from the beginning.
Lo que sucedio a un mozo que caso con una muchacha de muy mal caracterHow did the young man establish authority? -He killed the dog, the cat and then the horse. -He demanded that breakfast be made in the morning.
Ricardo Palma -La camisa de Margarita-1833-1919-86-Peruvian-short stories that mix history and fiction to amuse and educate called tradiciones-recovered 10,000 books from Chile-naval officer, journalist
La camisa de MargaritaMeaning of story Love, social class pride or honor are themes. Ironic because the value of the shirt was huge. wanted to keep his honor by saying she can't bring anything with her.
La camisa de Margarita Margarita Pareja fell in love with the poor Luis Alcázar who came to live with his rich uncle Don Honorato. Her father refuses to allow marriage. Margarita is depressed and she will die if she doesn't marry.
Raimundo Pareja Margarita's father proposes that the two marry because she is so depressed.
Don Honorato Uncle says yes but she can not come into the marriage with any money. She can have an extra shirt to change into.
Luis Alcázar Margarita's love
The shirt The shirts' lace was worth 2,700 and the diamonds around the neckline are 30,000.
Teresa de la Parra Blanca Nieves y Compañía-Born in Paris-well off venezuelans. -1889-1936-47-novelist-lived on a hacienda, Tazón-catholic education-Mama X was first major story
Blanca Nieves y Compañía Contradicting name-3rd in age and size-dark olive skin-dark eyes-black hair-legs of burning fire
Blanca Nieves y CompaniaSisters Aurora, Violeta, Blanca Nieves, Estrella, Rosalina and Aur Flor
Blanca Nieves y CompaniaTheme Dad wanted boys but got six girls. The mom lived in a fairy land and despises reality and named all her kids bizarre names. She left the house only to have another baby.-gender roles. mom/dad didnt pay attention to them. social class.
Jorge Luis Borges El Etnógrafo-1899-1986-87-Argentinian writer-bilingual-poems and essays in surrealism literary journals-librarian and public lecurer-blind in 50s
El Etnógrafo Fred Murdock-man of few words-study NA languages-professor advised he live on a ranch to observe the secret the shamans initiate-lived on praire for more than 2 years-took notes that he later destroyed-dreamed of bisons on full moon nights
Fred Murdock could not tell the secret because he could say it in 100 different ways and contradict one another. -Its men taught him what is valid for every place and every circumstance. Got married, got divorced and now is a librarian at Yale
Irony of Dreams -Dreams can go unnoticed -Interpretation of the dreams can be the key to discover the greatest secret than a human being can imagine
Julio Cortazar -La noche boca arriba-1914-1984-70-born in Belgium-Argentinian author of novels and short stories-Best known work written in France-backyard was an inspiration for some stories-was sick and spent a lot of time in bed reading
La Noche Boca Arriba -Everything that happened was unpredictable-the nameless protagonist who started seeing its experiences in the small details of each of the outlines of the sensory experiences, such as delights at the taste of broth or water.
The night face up the man is on his motorcycle and he crashes. in the hospital he is sleeping and waking up and trying to decipher his dreams to real life. n dreams he is in the jungle hiding from his Aztec pursuers. in the end we don't know if he lived or died.
Theme or Irony worlds between reality and dreams and figuring out what is real. Insect looked like a motorcycle. Knife pressed his neck-sacrifice. He feels more comfortable in the city.
Juan Rulfo No oyes ladrar los perros-1917-1986-69-Mexican author and photographer-Pedro Páramo (1955), and El llano en llamas (1953, The Burning Plain),
No oyes ladrar los perrosNo dogs bark His son on his back, a man travels looking for a dr. to treat the boy. characteristic beliefs and rituals.
Ignacio the son who is sick and speaks less and less through the story. -“nothing but trouble, humiliation, and shame.” -wandering thief and has even murdered people, including the father’s old friend, Tranquilino, who baptized the boy.
Tonaya town where there is a doctor
The father his wife gives him courage. He is taking the son to a doctor for her. He asks if he hears the dogs barking because the lights are off because its night. ignacio never says he hears the dogs.
Theme what happened at the end?irony dad carried kid out of loyalty and the only thing the dad asked, the son didnt answer the problematic nature of the father-son relationship. The father does not want to deal with him but does because its his son-contribute to this romantic impulse, and these elements serve in turn to heighten the force of the story’s tragic ending.
Ana María Matute Pecado de omisión
Pecado de omisión in Sagrado Lope and his sin of ommision- he never says what he thinksEmeterio sin of commission- he has to own or power over everyone-Lope's mother dies and his uncle has to take care of him. Emeterio never sends him to school and only lets him work for him
Emeterio Makes him live in the barn.
Mr. Lorenzo Former teacher-Tries to tell Emeterio how smart Lope is but he never does anything else.
Lope works with
Roque el Mediano retarded employee who works for Emeterio for 15 years
Moral of the story People do a lot more for friends than they do for relatives. Matute's attitude toward life and people.
The Movie Moebiusterm for a certain speed, at a certain time Recent stories, fears and oblivious through a metaphor.-30 passenger train vanishes in a closed circuit of the Buenos Aires underground system.-finding cause of dematerialization-leading topologist can not find the old scientists maps.
Moebius continuedFinds that the documents were checked out by professor and professor put the train in that mode. girl helps find first clue. a train can be heard but not seen. he finds out what has happened to the train but nobody can believe it.
Elena Poniatowska El Recado1932-now-born in Paris as Princess Helene Elizabeth Elena Poniatowska-Mexican journalist and author-Best known for La nochde Tlatelolco Massacre in Mexico-relates interviews with those who died in 1968 Tlatelolco massacre.
El recado ??
Meaning of the story A lover goes to a soldiers house and writes him a letter. she has to leave because his neibhor is coming to turn the lights on.
Outcome of the story She wishes she could be older so they could be together.
Narrator writer note of note.
El recadoIrony or theme theme-fluid language, inside reality (metafictiones) story inside reality. type of writing. magical realism.
Cristina Peri Ross El Museo de los Esfuerzos Inutiles-1941-nowUraguayan novelest, poet and author of short stories-37 works-citizen of spain-journalist-defense of civil liberties and freedom of expression
The museum of useless effortsA library of thick, encyclopedic volumes cataloging by year -The efforts are movingly ordinary, not insane inventions undertaken by madmen, but a man pursuing a love for twenty years or children at the beach digging holes that are then washed away by the ocean
The Museum of Useless Efforts But whether the scopes of these useless efforts are large or small, it becomes clear that what is so powerful about them is that they are stories. In this way Peri Rossi aligns herself, and by extension the reader, alongside
Isabel Allende La Mujer del juez-1942-Chilean American novelist-magic realist tradition
La mujer del juez
Casilda Wife of judge. Gave water to the mother. Juana la triste. killed herself bc embarrased son never came.
Nicolas Vidal Bad guy. never saved his mom.
Hidalgo Judge
summary he hated women. destiny that he would die b/c of a woman. the mom killed herself. he killed himself.
Meaning of story destiny. appearances in public and private. judge was strong in public but really his wife owned him.
Miguel De Unamuno San Manuel Bueno, mártir-1864-1936-72-essayist, poet, playwright and philosopher-Biscay, Spain-Modernist
San Manuel Bueno, mártirWhere does it happen Valverde de Lucerna, a small village located on the edge of an idyllic lake. Legend tells that submerged beneath that lake exists a hidden city. The physical village and the legendary city serve as symbols of the spiritual and the material.
San Manuel Bueno, mártirnarrator Ángela Carballino
San Manuel Bueno, mártirLazaro unbelieving brother, returns from America rich: he is dismissive of religion and anything associated with it. move his family to a largerprogressive city. mother dies, her greatest wish is for him to convert
San Manuel Bueno, mártirDon Manuel he priest of their remote mountain village
San Manuel Bueno, mártirWhat do they believe in that neither he nor Don Manuel believe in resurrection or what happens after death, although Don Manuel claims at times to believe that a person dies completely, he is fairly uncertain and vague at others. Turns into a fictous Unamuno
San Manuel Bueno, mártirMeaning of Story Instead of a true novel, it can be seen as a vehicle to express various philosophical ideas.-people should believe the story instead of the words. the story means something and the words lose meaning
Gabriel Garcia Marquez -1927-is a Colombian -novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist.
Chronicles of a death foretoldsummary the death of Santiago Nasar. Angelica Vicario marries a man and he finds that she is not a virgin and her brothers kill Santiago. The narrtor is not sure if it is true b/c they were never together and he doesn't know why he was killed
Chronicles of a death foretold
Chronicles of a death foretold
Chronicles of a death foretold
Chronicles of a death foretoldmagic realism, found destiny from the beginning. -magic realism aspect of a warped timeline-fragmentation leading to reality and fantasy-

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