Engineering With Rubber: How to Design Rubber Components by: Alan N. Gent

Publisher: Hanser Gardner Publications | September 1992 | ISBN: 1569902992 | Pages: 365 | PDF | 15.1 MB

Information on design and application of rubber components is an essential part of a general engineering education, along with the study of other materials, so that the new engineer can make intelligent design choices. Without this knowledge, the engineer will be dependent on the rubber manufacturer or supplier for product design and technical information. This book is intended to meet the need for such information.

This second edition of Engineering with Rubber contains updated and revised textual material and many new problems that deal with specific issues and allow the reader to their understanding of the materials. Questions are appended to nearly every chapter-this feature is especially useful for students and those new to the field.

This book deals with some basic principles on which successful use of rubber depends:

1. How is an elastomer chosen and a formulation developed?

2. Why is rubber highly elastic and relatively strong?

3. How can one estimate the stiffness, strength, and durability of rubber products?

These questions face any engineer who wishes to understand the principles of designing rubber components. This book is intended to teach beginning engineers the principles of rubber science and technology.

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