4 clues to describe an object

What does it look like? What does it do? Where do you find it? What parts does it have? Object
square, plastic stores informatino at work, at school, at home screen, mouse, keys, cords computer
boxy, angular, hinged electronic, calls, at home, at school, in your pocket ringer, keys, screen cell phone
square opens at home, in the library, pages, spine, tale of contents book
long writes, draws school, home, desk lead, eraser, wood pencil
round, small, black scores ice rinks, bottom of bags top, bottom, sides hockey puck
thin, round, silver, lines plays, scratches computer, stereo top, bottom, CD
round smells Art's crust, cheese, sauce pizza
tall grows outside branches, leaves, trunk tree
square turns on and off home, car, boat screen, dial, remote TV
round decorates hands, toes band, stone, setting ring

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