X-ray circuits

Question Answer
line voltage compensator is incorporated into the primary circuit to: maintain a constant kVp level
this meter measures the current passing between the electrodes of an x-ray tube millammeter-seconds meter
the voltage in the secondary circuit of a modern x-ray cicuit is how many times greater than in the primary circuit? 1000 times higher
the high temps that are needed to produce the thermionic emission in the filament of an x-ray tube require a current of about: 4-6 amps (temp of 2200 degrees celcius)
why are the majority of the components of the x-ray tube found in the primary circuit? reduce the risk from electrical shock
type of current passing between the seconday of the high-tension transformer and the rectifiers High voltage (kV) AC
large focal spot is used for settings above what mA? 300 mA
higher mA= _______ current, _________ temp of the filament higher, higher
the high tension transformer is located in an oil-filled tank that also houses the rectifiers and filament transformers
an increase in kVp will also cause an increase in _____________ that requires the use of a _________________. electron cloud, space charge compensator
this meter measures current ammeter
main component of a line-voltage compensator that is capable of storing small amounts of electrical charge capacitor
the pre-reading kV meter is incorporated into the x-ray control panel to measure the potential difference on the seconary side of the high tension transformer
most common device used to create the high potential difference across the x-ray tube high tension transformer
reduction of voltage and development of high amperage by a step down transformer occurs in the filament portion of the circuit
in a radiographic unit, the milliammeter will register only during the activation of the second (exposure) stage of the exposure switch
which circuit? 110, 220, 440 volts primary circuit
which circuit? 10-12 volts filament circuit
which circuit? 25,000-150,000 volts secondary circuit
five main components of the high tension or high voltage circuit transformer, the millampere-seconds (mAs) meter, the rectifiers, the high tension cables and the anode of the x-ray tube
why can you only obtain mAs meter readings immediately after an exposure? tube current is only generated during the second phase of the x-ray production process
power watts
power formula current X voltage= watts
a transformer has 200 primary and 20,000 secondary turns of wire. what secondary voltage will be induced if 110 volts are placed on the primary coil? 11,000 (11 kVp)

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