Open/closed pack positions of joints - (PTA - irongirl)

Joint Open Pack Position Closed Pack Position
Temporomandibular Mouth slightly open Clenched Teeth
Glenohumeral 55 degrees abduction, 30 degrees Horizontal Adduction Abduction w/lateral rotation
Acromioclavicular Arm resting by side Arm abducted to 90 degrees
Ulnohumeral (elbow) 70 degrees of flexion, 10 degrees supination Extension
Radiohumeral Full extension, full supination Elbow flexed 90 degrees, forearm supinated 5 degrees
Proximal radioulnar 70 degrees flexion, 35 degrees supination 5 degrees supination
Distal Radioulnar 10 degrees supination 5 degrees supination
Radiocarpal (wrist) Neutral w/slight ulnar deviation Extension w/radial deviation
Carpometacarpal Midway b/w abd-add & flex/ext.
Metacarpophalangeal slight flexion Fingers = Full flexion
Interphalangeal slight flexion Full Extension
Hip 30 degrees, 30 degrees abd. slight lateral rotation Full Extension, medial rotation
Knee 25 degrees of flexion Full Extension, lateral rotation of tibia
Talocrural (ankle) 10 degrees PF, midway b/w max inversion/eversion Max DF
Subtalar Midway b/w extreme ROM Supination
Midtarsal Midway b/w extreme ROM Supination
Tarsometatarsal Midway b/w extreme ROM Supination
Sternoclavicular Maxium shoulder elevation
Metatarsophalangeal Neutral Full Extension
Interphalangeal Slight Flexion Full Extension
Facet (spine) Midway b/w flexion & extension Extension

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