Hydrotherapy (PTA)

Question Answer
upward force on the body when immersed in water = to amt. of water displaced by the body Buoyancy
the body's ability to float in water is due to... the body's specific gravity is less than the specific gravity of water
water exerts pressure that is perpendicular to the body & increases in proportion with the depth of immersion Hydrostatic Pressure
Water molecules tend to attract to each other----providing.... Resistance
Resistance by water increases in proportion to... speed of motion
Specific Gravity of Water 1
Specific Gravity of a Human ~.974 (<1)
measure of the ability of a fluid to store heat Specific Heat
Water can store ____ x the heat as compared to air. 4
Water's thermal conductivity is approx. _____x faster than air at the same temperature 25
hydromechanic force exerted on a person submerged in water that normally oppresses the direction of the body's motion Total Drag Force
Formula to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius: (°F - 32) x 5/9 = °C
Formula to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit (°C × 9/5) + 32 = °F
Water Temperature Guideline for acute inflammation of distal extremities 32-79 °F
Water Temperature guideline for exercise 79-92 °F
Water Temperature guideline for Wound care, spasticity 92-96 °F
Water Temperature guideline for Cardiopulmonary compromise, treatment of burns 96-98 °F
Water temperature guidelines for pain management 99-104 °F
Water temperature guidelines for Chronic rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, increased ROM 104-110 °F
Hydrotherapy tank that is 10-45 gallons Extremity Tank
Hydrotherapy tank that is 90-105 gallons Lowboy Tank
Hydrotherapy tank that is 60-105 gallons Highboy Tank
Hydrotherapy tank that is 425 gallons Hubbard Tank
Hydrotherapy tank used for the distal upper or lower extremity Extremity Tank
Hydrotherapy tanks used for larger parts of the extremities Lowboy & Highboy Tank
Hydrotherapy tank that allows for long sitting with water up to the midthoracic level Lowboy Tank
Hydrotherapy tank that allows for sitting in chest-high water with hips & knees flexed Highboy Tank
Hydrotherapy tank used for full body immersion Hubbard Tank
Contraindications to full body immersion -unstable BP-incontinence
Treatment time in hubbard tank 10-20 minutes
Hubbard tank temperature should not exceed... 100°F
A Therapeutic pool should range in temperature from... 79-98 °F
Therapeutic effects of Hydrotherapy increase blood flow & core temperature, relaxation, pain relief, vasodilation, decrease abnormal tone, wound debridement
Indications for Hydrotherapy burn care, superficial heating/cooling, edema, muscle strain, arthritis, desensitization of residual limb with contrast bath, pain management, wound care, decreased ROM, pool therapy/exercise, sprain, joint stiffness, muscle spasm/spasticity
Contraindications for Hydrotherapy Peripheral vascular disease, gangrene, severe infection, urinary/fecal incontinence, advanced cardiovascular or pulmonary disease, Buerger's disease with contrast bath, impaired circulation, renal infection, bleeding surface area, diminished sensation
Whirlpool treatment time 10-30 min.
Form of hydrotherapy that uses alternating heat & cold Contrast Bath
Purpose of contrast bath to decrease edema in a distal extremity
Contrast Bath treatment time initially, 3-4 min....then 1 min....then repeat for 20-30 min.
How contrast bath works (theory) alternating vasodilation & vasoconstriction stimulates local & systemic circulation.
Advantages of contrast bath good contact over irregularly shapes areas, allows for movement during treatment, assists with pain management
DISadvantages of contrast bath potential intolerance to cold, dependent positioning, lack of credible research
Contrast baths are utilized primarily with... arthritis of smaller joints, musculoskel. sprains & strains, RSD, to desensitize residual limb
For contrast bath, begin with... (hot or cold?) hot

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