Common malaligments in Lower extremities

Malaligment Correlated Motion or Posture Compensatory motion and postur
Genu valgum pes planus, excessive subtalar pronation, lateral tibial torsion, Lateral patteral sublox., excessive hip adduction, ipsilateral hip med. rot, lumbar spine contralateral rotation forefoot varus, excessive subtalr supination, in-toeing, ipsilateral pelvic lateral rotation
Geny Varum Tibia varum, medial tibial torsion, excessive hip abduction, ipsilateral hip lateral rotation Forefoot valgus, excessive aubtalar pronation, ipsilateral pelvic medial rotation
geny recurvatum anterior pelvic tilt, ankle plantar flexion posterior pelvic tilt, flexed trunk posture, excessive thoracic kyphosis
lateral tibial torsion out-toeing, subtalr supination functional forefoor varus, excessive subtaler pronation
medial tibial torsion in-toeing, metatarsus adductus, subtaler pronation functional forefoot valgus, excessive subtaler supination
Excessive Anterversion toeing-in, subtaler pronation, lateral patellar subluxation, Medial tibial and femoral torsion "squinting patella" lateral tibial torsion, lateral rotstion at knee, lateral rotation of femur, tibia, pelvis, lumbar rotation on same side
Excessive retroversion toeing-out, subtaler supination, lateral tibial torsion, lateral femoral torsion medial rotation at knee, medial rotation at femur, tibia, or pelvis, lumbar rotation on opposite side
Coxa vara pronated subtaler joint, medial rotation of leg, short ipsilateral leg, anterior pelvic rotation, ipsilateral subtale supination,contralateral subtaler pronation, ipsilateral plantar flexion, contralat. genu recurvatum, contalt hip and kee flexion, ipsilateral posterior pelvic tilt and lumbar rotation
Coxa Valga supinated subtaler joint, lateral rotation of leg, long ipsilateral leg, posterior pelvic tilt (blank)

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