Grasp of the Cube / Pre-Writing Skills

Question Answer
Visually attends to object, grasp is reflexive Neonate
Ulnar-Palmar Grasp: Visually attends to object and may swipe; sustained voluntary grasp possible with ulnar side; No thumb involvement 3 months
Primitive squeeze grasp: visually attends, approaches within 1 inch, contact results in hand pulling object back to squeeze precariously against the other hand or body; No thumb involvement 4 months
Palmar Grasp: Thumb adducted, fingers on top surface of object pressed into center of palm 5 months
Radial-palmar Grasp: fingers on far side of object with thumb opposed 6 months
7 months with wrist straight
Radial-Digital Grasp: object held with opposed thumb and fingertips 8 months with space visible between
9 months with wrist extended
Palmar-Supinate Grasp 1-1.5 years
Digital-Pronate Grasp 2-3 years
Static Tripod Posture 3.5 - 4 years
Dynamic Tripod Posture 4.5 - 6 years

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