Promissor : Assisting Client with Bedpan

task # skill
1 Explains procedure to client, speaking clearly,slowly, and directly, maintaining face-to-face contact whenever possible
2 Provides for client’s privacy during procedure with cutain, screen, or door
3 Before placing bedpan, lowers head of bed
4 Puts on clean gloves before handling bedpan
5 Places bedpan correctly under client’s buttocks(Standard bedpan: Position bedpan so wider end ofpan is aligned with client’s buttocks; Fracture pan: Position bedpan with handle toward foot of bed)
6 Raises head of bed after placing bedpan under client
7 Puts toilet tissue within client’s reach
8 Leaves signaling device within client’s reach while is using the bedpan
9 Asks client to signal when finished
10 Without removing gloves, candidate remains outside the curtian until called by the client
11 Lowers head of bed before removing bedpan
12 Removes bedpan
13 Empties and rinses bedpan, and pours rinse into toilet
14 Removes and disposes of gloves into wastebasket
15 washes hands
16 puts on clean gloves
17 returns bedpan to propper storage
18 Assists client with hand washing and disposes of soiled washcloth wipes in propper container
19 Avoids unnecessary exposure of client throughout procedure
20 Removes and disposes of gloves into wastebasket
21 Signaling device is within client’s reach
22 Leaves bed in low position
23 Wash hands

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