chemistry, blood work, and urinalysis norms

Question Answer
Glucose 70-110
BUN 10-20
Sodium 136-145
Chloride 98-106
Potassium 3.5-5.0
PCO2 35-45 mmHg
Creatinine (M)0.6-1.2 (F) 0.5-1.1
Total Bilirubin 0.3-1.0
Calcium (ionized) 4.5-5.6
Magnesium 1.5-2.5;
What would the normal level of specific Gravity in a urinalysis be? and what does this signify? 1.005-1.030; signifies hydration status
what is the normal RBC range in urine and what is most common with higher levels? less than or equal to 2; hematuria is found in higher levels
What is the normal pH level of urine and what will the highs and lows indicate? 4-8; higher levels indicate infection; lower levels indicate acidosis and dehydration
what is the normal range for WBC in urine and what would raised levels indicate? 0-4; higher levels would indicate an infection
Urinalysis blood trace; known as hematuria
Urinalysis should be negative for: bacteria, protein, leukocytes. glucose, ketones, and nitrates
what in urine indicates infection? bacteria and leukocytes
protein in urine indicates impaired glomerular function
what in urine indicates diabetets mellitus? ketones and glucose
what do nitrates in urine indicate? UTI infection
Normal blood work should show what level of WBCs? and what are the highs and lows signs of? normal WBC is 5000-10000/mm3; higher levels are signs of leukocytosis and lower levels are signs of leukopenia
what is the normal percentage of neutrophils in blood work? 55-70%
If neutrophils alter from normal range, what would be significant for a nurse to know? higher levels could be sign of infection and lower levels are a sign of anemia; in elderly, a lower level can indicate a bacterial infection
what is the normal % of lymphocytes in blood work? 20-40; high level is a viral or bacterial infection, and lower can indicate leukemia or sepsis
Monocytes % 2-8
what do high and low monocyte levels indicate? higher are viral/parasitic infection and low are prednisone use
Esinophils % 1-4
what is most common with high levels of esinophils? low levels? allergies or autoimmune diseases; adrenosteroid production is up
basophils % 0.5-1
high and lows for basophils in blood work mean? high is leukemia and low is an acute allergic reaciton
RBC level F 4.2-5.4 and M 4.7-6.1
Hemoglobin level F 12-16 and M 14-18; slightly decreased with age
Hematocrit level F 37-47% and M 42-52%; slightly decreased with age
What do higher and lower levels of RBCs, Hgb, and Hct indicate? higer levels are present when the patient is dehydrated and lower levels occur with anemia and the presence of a hemorrhage;

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