DSM-IV-TR Axis 1-5

Axis Definitions
Axis 1 Report all dx that apply; principal dx or reason for visit/ admission mentioned first. NOT PERSONALITY DISORDERS OR MENTAL RETARDATION
Axis 2 Maybe as impotant/ relevant as axis 1 dx INClUDES PERSONALITY DISORDERS AND MENTAL RETARDATION
Axis 3 General medical conditions that are potentially relevent to understand; management of individuals mental disorder ( depression related to cancer
Axis 4 A pyscho social/environmental problem, such as* neg life event_ environmental difficulty/deficiency (housing-social) Family or interpersonal stress, inadequadte support system or personal resources
Axis 5 Clinicians overall judgement of the individuals overall level of functioning via the Global Affective function scale(GAF-rates acuity of mental health disorders) GAf is rated based on the psycho social stressors. used for a current period of time(last a f

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