Anatomy & Physiology I - Exercise 3: The Microscope

Question Answer
The light passes directly upward through the microscope substage light or mirror
The platform the slide rests on while being viewed. stage
What holds the slide in position for viewing? mechanical stage
Small substage lens that concentrates light on the specimen. Condenser
Used to focus on the specimen. Coarse adjustment knob
Used for precise focusing once coarse focusing has been completed. Fine adjustment knob
Use for low-to-high power lens and have different magnifying and resolving powers. Objective lens
The objective lens magnifies the specimen to produce a _______ that is projected to the ocular, which is magnified by the ocular lens to produce the _______ seen by your eye. real image, virtual image
Define total magnification. ocular lens X objective lens
What is determined by the amount and physical properties of the visible light that enters the microscope? resolution or resolving power
What is the proper way to hold a microscrope? one hand on its arm and the other supporting its base
Can you use any lens paper to clean the lenses? T or F F, only special grit-free lens paper

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