Shoulder muscles, action, origin, insertion, and innervation for ID 356

Question Answer
What are the rotator cuff muscles? Supraspinatus, infraspinatus, Teres minor, subscapularis
Supraspinatus - origin supraspinous fossa
supraspinatus - action abduction, some lateral rotation, stabilization
supraspinatus - innervation suprascapular
supraspinatus - insertion greater tubercule of the humerus
infraspinatus - origin infrapsinous fossa
infraspinatus - insertion greater tubercle of humerus
infraspinatus - action lateral rotation, extension of humerus
infraspinatus - innervation suprascapular
teres minor - origin upper 2/3 border of scapula
teres minor - insertion greater tubercle
teres minor - action lateral rotation, horizontal abduction, extension of the humerus
teres minor - innervation axillary
subscapularis - origin subscapular fossa
subscapularis - insertion lesser tubercle of humerus
subscapularis - action medial rotation, adduction of humerus
subscapularis - innervation upper and lower supscapular
levator scapula - origin transverse process of C1 - C4
Levator scapula - insertion vertebral border of scapula - superior angle
levator scapula - action elevates scapula, downward rotation
levator scappula - innervation dorsal scapular nerve and brances of C3-C4
Serratus anterior - origin ribs 1-8 or 9
serratus anterior - insertion medial border of the scapula
serratus anterior - action abduction, protraction, stabilizes
serratus anterior - innervation long thoracic
pectoralis minor - origin ribs 3-5 near costal cartilage
pectoralis minor - insertion coracoid process of scapula
pectoralis minor - action stabilizes scapula and downward rotation, depression, proctraction
pectoralis minor - innervation medial pectoral nerve
rhomboid major - origin T2-T5
rhomboid minor - origin C7-T1
rhomboid major and minor - insertion vertebral border of scapula
rhomboid major - action retraction, rotation, fixes scapula to thoracic wall
rhomboid minor - action elevation
rhomboid major and minor - innervation doral scapular nerve
upper, middle and lower trap external occipital protuberance - C7-T12
upper trap - insertion lateral 3rd of acromion process
middle trap - insertion spine of scapula
lower trap - insertion root of spine of scapula
upper trap - action elevation, upward rotation
middle trap - action retraction
lower trap - action depression, retraction
upper, middle, and lower trap - innervation accessory nerve and branches C3, C4

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