Terminology - Combining Forms

Combining Form Meaning Medical Term Meaning
bronch/o bronchial tubes bronchoscopy process of visual examination of bronchial tubes
cervic/o neck of the body or neck (cervix)of the uterus cervical pertaining to neck of the body
chondr/o cartilage hypochondriac pertaining to lateral regions of the upper abdomen beneath the lower ribs.
coccyg/o coccyx, tailbone coccygeal pertaining to coccy/tailbone
crani/o skull craniotomy excision of skull
apitheli/o skin, surface tissue epithelial pertaining to skin
esophag/o espohagus esophageal pertaining to esophagus
hepat/o liver hepatites inflammation of liver
lapar/o abdomen lararoscopy process of visual examination of abdomen
laryng/o larynx (voice box) laryngeal pertaining to larynx
later/o side lateral pertaining to side
lumb/o loin (waist) lumbar pertaining to loin
lymph/o lymph (clear fluid in tissue spaces and lymph vessels) lymphocyte cell of lymph
mediastin/o mediastinum (space between the lungs) mediastinal pertaining to mediastinum
pelv/o pelvis pelvic pertaining to pelvis
peritone/o peritoneum peritoneal pertaining to peritoneum
pharyng/o pharynx (throat) pharyngeal pertaining to pharynx
pleur/o pleura pleuritis inflammation of pleura
poster/o back, behind posterior pertaining to back
sacr/o sacrum (five fused bones in the lower back) sacral pertaining to sacrum
spin/o spine (backbone) spinal pertaining to spine
thorac/o chest thoracotomy incision of chest
trache/o trachea (window pipe) tracheotomy excision of trachea
vertebr/o vertebra (backbone) vertebral pertaining to vertebra
abdomin/o abdomen abdominal pertaining to abdomen
anter/o front anterior pertaining to front

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