Adelina's Whales

Question Answer
What is a bluff? cliff
What is rumbling? making a low rolling sound
What does it mean to be massive? enormous
What does tropical mean? warm
What is a lagoon? A body of shallow water
What is a biologist? A scientist that studies living things.
According to scientists, why did the mother whales come to Laguna San Ignacio?
Why do the whales leave Alaska and Russia in the winter?
Why did Adelina say that Laguna San Ignacio “is the place where two worlds join together?”
What do you think was the author’s purpose for writing this story? A. To convince people that whales should be saved. B. To describe a place where gray whales visit in the winter. C. To entertain by telling how a girl rescued a whale.
How were the people who live in La Laguna like the people who visited the village?
What makes a sentence an OPINION? Find an opinion in the story and copy it below.
What makes a statement a FACT? Find a fact in the selection and write it below.
Which statement is a generalization based on the selection? A. Whales live in lagoons around the world. B. Scientists rarely study large animals. C. Gray whales never like being around people. D. Children face many choices for their future.
Who did the author say was the first person to have a visit from the whales? Adelina's grandfather
Why do the mother whales come to the lagoon?

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