Abbreviations S thru W/ Lab, Chem., and Symbols

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Abbreviation: s Meaning: without
Abbreviation: sig. Meaning: write, to be labeledAbbreviation:
Abbreviation: SOB Meaning: shortness of breath
Abbreviation: ss Meaning: half
Abbreviation: SSE Meaning: soap suds enema
Abbreviation: staph Meaning: staphylococcus
Abbreviation: stat Meaning: immediately
Abbreviation: strep Meaning: strepococcus
Abbreviation: syr Meaning: syrup
Abbreviation: T Meaning: temperature
Abbreviation: tab Meaning: tablet
Abbreviation: tbsp. Meaning: tablespoon
Abbreviation: tid Meaning: three times a day
Abbreviation: TO Meaning: telephone order
Abbreviation: TPR Meaning: temperature, pulse, and respirations
Abbreviation: tsp. Meaning: teaspoon
Abbreviation: UP Meaning: universal precautions
Abbreviation: URI Meaning: upper respiratory infection
Abbreviation: UTI Meaning: urinary tract infection
Abbreviation: v.o. Meaning: verbal order
Abbreviation: v.s. Meaning: vital signs
Abbreviation: W/C Meaning: wheelchair
Abbreviation: wt. Meaning: weight
Abbreviations of Hospital Areas Meaning of Hospital Areas
Abbreviation: CCU Meaning: coronary care unit; critical care unit
Abbreviation: CS Meaning: central supply
Abbreviation: EENT Meaning: eyes, ears, nose, throat
Abbreviation: ER Meaning: emergency room
Abbreviation: GI lab Meaning: gastrointestinal lab
Abbreviation: lab Meaning: laboratory
Abbreviation: MICU Meaning: medical intensive care unit
Abbreviation: NICU Meaning: neuro intensive care unit;neonatal intensive care unit
Abbreviation: OB-GYN Meaning: obstetrics and gynecology, or obstetrician gynecologist
Abbreviation: OR Meaning: operating room
Abbreviation: pedi Meaning: pediatrics
Abbreviation: PT Meaning: physical therapist
Abbreviation: RT Meaning: respiratory therapist
Abbreviation: SICU Meaning: surgical intensive care unit
Laboratory Abbreviations Laboratory Meanings
Abbreviation: ABG Meaning: arterial blood gas
Abbreviation: ACP Meaning: acute care panel
Abbreviation: BUN Meaning: blood urea nitrogen
Abbreviation: C&S Meaning: culture and sensitivity
Abbreviation: CBC Meaning: complete blood count
Abbreviation: chem. Meaning: chemistry
Abbreviation: CSF Meaning: cerebral spinal fluid
Abbreviation: CXR Meaning: chest X ray
Abbreviation: DPT Meaning: diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus
Abbreviation: FBS Meaning: fasting blood sugar
Abbreviation: HCT Meaning: hematocrit
Abbreviation: Hgb Meaning: hemoglobin
Abbreviation: lytes Meaning: electrolytes
Abbreviation: O&P Meaning: ova and parasites
Abbreviation: O2 Meaning: oxygen
Abbreviation: RBC Meaning: red blood cells
Abbreviation: TB Meaning: tuberculosis
Abbreviation: UA Meaning: urinalysis
Abbreviation: WBC Meaning: white blood cells
Chemistry Abbreviations Chemistry Meanings
Abbreviation: Ca Meaning: calcium
Abbreviation: Cl Meaning: chloride
Abbreviation: CRE Meaning: creatinine
Abbreviation: Fe Meaning: Iron
Abbreviation: Glu Meaning: glucose
Abbreviation: K Meaning: potassium
Abbreviation: Na Meaning: sodium
Abbreviation: NaHCO3 Meaning: sodium bicarbonate
Medical Symbol Abbreviations Medical Symbol Meanings
Abbreviation: Meaning: less than
Abbreviation: Meaning: greater than
Abbreviation: Meaning: pound
Abbreviation: Meaning: at
Abbreviation: Meaning: and
Abbreviation: Meaning: male
Abbreviation: Meaning: female
Abbreviation: Meaning: increase
Abbreviation: Meaning: descrease
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