5th Grade Science Light Waves

Question Answer
What is a prism? Cut clear glass or plastic in the form of a triangle or other geometric that is used to create a spectrum or band of colors of the rainbow.
What is reflection? Light bounces off an object.
What is absorption? The stopping of light.
What is refraction? The bending of light waves as they move from one substance to another.
Definition of opaque? Little or no light travels through it.
Definition of transparent? Most light gets through.
Definition of translucent? Some light can get through but it appears blurry or foggy.
Definition of visible spectrum? Light passing through a prism.
What colors make white light? red, green, and blue.
What does a prism do? It bends light by refraction into a spectrum of colors.
How does light travel? It travels in waves in a straight lines called light rays.
How is a rainbow formed? when sunlight hits raindrops in the sky seperating the light into a spectrum.
What is the law of reflection? The angle of incoming light ray equals the angle of reflected ray.
Why do grass and leaves appear green to our eyes? Chlorophill absorbs some colors but scatters the green light waves which the human eye sees.
What colors have the longest wavelengths? red, orange
What colors have the shortest wavelengths? blue, violet

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