Baba Ramdev’s fast against black money

A huge 2.5 lakh square ft tent is waiting here at the historic Ramlila Maidan for lakhs of Baba Ramdev’s supporters who are expected to join the yoga guru’s proposed fast-unto-death against corruption from Saturday.

The ground, which has been booked for a month long Yoga workshop, has been decked up apart from facilities like drinking water facilities, toilets and bathrooms.

More than 5,000 ceiling fans and coolers, 1,300 toilets and bathrooms have been installed so that supporters of the yoga guru do not face any inconvenience during the fast which is scheduled to begin from 5am onwards on Saturday.

An eight ft long stage has been set up for the yoga guru from where he will instruct his followers. Large screens alongside the stage have also been installed.

The sitting area near the stage is being divided into three parts – one for those who will sit for fast for a single day, one for those who will sit for the entire duration and one more for daily visitors.

Further, drinking water and medical facilities will be provided to people participating in the Satyagraha.

“We have installed a RO water purification system for drinking water facilities. 650 water taps have also been installed,” said Acharya Virendra Vikram, president of Bharat Swabhiman Trust, Delhi.

“Around 50- 60 doctors from our own medical facilities will be available here throughout the day,” he said.

Along with the Delhi Police, thousands of volunteers from the Bharat Swabhiman trust will be manning the ground.

“Ours is a peaceful protest and we do not expect any violence to errupt,” he said.

An official said 30-40 close circuit cameras will also be installed on the main ground as well as in entry and exit points.

Vikram said an estimated two lakh supporters will flock to the capital to participate in the protest along with the yoga guru, who wants the country to be rid of black money and corruption, besides seeking change in the “system”.

The youth wing of Bharat Swabhiman Trust has also invited young professionals from across the country to join the Ramdev in the fast. Organisers said young professionals will be descend on Delhi from across the country for the fast.

“Amongst us, we have thousands of professional MBA youths who are willing to support Baba in this satyagraha. Instead of working for corporates, we have made a conscious decision to join Baba in his efforts and bring about a change in the country’s corrupt system,” a youth wing volunteer said.

Thousands of women volunteers from across the country will also assemble at the grounds in the Baba’s support.

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