Resistive vs Capacitive Touch Screen

A Resistive touch screen ( Akash has Resistive Touch Screen ) is a type of touch screen that is made of several layers where as a capacitive touch screen is a type of touch screen which consists of an insulator coated with a transparent conductor. Here let me take the opportunity to compare the pros and cons of both resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen

Resistive Touch Screen


  • The screens are usually inexpensive
  • It can be easily operated with any pointing devices
  • They are much more accurate than capacitive touch screens
  • They are easy to use and are more reliable


  • Multi touch support not available
  • These are highly sensitive to scratches
  • Poor visibility in sunlight

Capacitive Touch Screen


  • Multi touch support available
  • Good visibility even in sunlight
  • Not affected by dirt and moisture
  • Glossy looks
  • Faster and Smoother Response


  • Humidity must be atleast 5% to achieve capacitive effect
  • Expensive than resistive touch screen
  • Doesn’t work with pointed objects

So now, as you have some knowledge about the pros and cons of resistive touch screen as well as capacitive touch screen, you can easily judge what is better for you.

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