Trick to get reduced airtel & other call rates

If you think that airtel’s call rates are too high , then this post is for you.

you can easily reduce your airtel call rate by following this

Send SMS to 1900 with ” PORT <your mobile no.> “

Basically this is code of MNP ( Mobile no. portability ).When you send this sms then after 24 hours airtel person call you and ask the reason for changing your network

just reply with this

“Airtel’s call rate are so high , I can not afford it”

They will give you new scheme for reduced call rates which is not usually available.

e.g. 10pc Airtel to Airtel, 30 pc to other local, 50pc  STD for 1 rupees per days charges


You can try this for other networks also like vodafone , Idea, tata, Docomo, Reliance

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