Telemarketing sms despite DND / NDNC registration – procedure to file complaint

In my old post , I have mentioned the procedure about how to register for National Do not Disturb service.

But some stupid Telemarketer are sending sms despite your no. is registered with NDNC database. I will post those non sense Telemarketer’s name soon after getting their list who are repeated violators.

So you are among those millions of people who are getting sms / call despite registering with NDNC !!!  and you want to take action against these telemarketers !!

so here is procedure to take legal action against these guys

When can I file a do not call complaint and what details should be given in the complaint?

If your number has been on the National Do Not Call Registry for at least 45 days and you receive a call from a telemarketer, you can file a complaint within 15 days from the receipt of UCC Calls/SMS with full details to your service provider. The details must  include the call originating number, date/time of the call and type of commercial message. The complainant should insist for the complaint No. which should be kept for further reference.

What happens to my complaint?

On receipt of UCC, you should make a complaint to your service provider intimating the call originating number, date/time of the call and type of commercial message you received, within 15 days from the receipt of UCC.  You may insist service provider for complaint number, for future reference.  As per regulations, the service provider has to intimate the action taken, to the complainant within 28 days (in case of UCC belongs to his own Telemarketer) and 35 days (in case of Telemarketer is of other service provider) from receipt of the complaint.

How can I make complaint, if I receive UCC by SMS through alphanumeric identifier and without normal ten digit mobile?

You may make the complaint as specified in the Ans. to Q.  above, as it is mandatory to all commercial SMSs, which are sent with only identification and without the normal ten digit mobile numbers to prefix the service provider code and the code of the service area provided to the service provider (for example XY-HSBC, where X stands for service provider and Y stands for service area).

2 Responses to Telemarketing sms despite DND / NDNC registration – procedure to file complaint

  1. Ashis Talapatra September 26, 2011 at 10:12 pm #

    After the expiry of a considerable period after 45 days of registering my tel. no. 9831048608 in the DND/ NDNC , I received an UCC in the 2nd. week of July, 2011 and and a complaint had accordingly been lodged with the Service Provider – Reference No. CDRGP3071157335 (as per the S.M.S. dated 11-07-2011). After the expiry of the stipulated period , I , on 26-09-2011, sent an e-mail to [email protected] requesting them to let me know the status of the complaint. In reply thereto , they requested me to send my mobile no. as the same was not mentioned in the stated e-mail , and I sent my mobile no. immediately. To my utter surprise, they again replied they were not in a position to process as no mobile no. has been given. Again , I sent my mobile no. with a request to send me a format, if any , and I received the same answer. I,also, talked with 121 on the same day , and I was told to contact with 1909. On my contacting with 1909 I was told that my no. is not registered with DND.while in the website of National Do Not Call registry ( ) is saying that the number is registered in NDNC Registry database.Please help me to resolve the problem. – ASHIS TALAPATRA


  2. Dr.MoonGarg September 26, 2011 at 11:28 pm #

    I think NDNC system is still not clear about their policies .. I have 2 mobiles and both registered with DND service and even then I am getting commercial sms on them.. When I call my service provider then they say I should call 1909 and on 1909 there is no well qualified staff as usual in govt. offices of India :(

    Only way is to contact the service provider to which sms sender belongs so that they can ban the no. for violation DND policies.


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