AIIMS MD MS MCH May 2012 all 200 questions with answers

AIIMS May 2012, AIPGMEE MD / MS / diploma JAN 2012, AIIMS May & Nov 2011 MD/ MS/ Mch 6year Result

‎1) 2020–ophthalmic units
‎2)Drug causing nasolacrimal duct blokage?
‎3)gallow traction-# shaft of femur
‎4)1. CSF pressure determined mainly by-CSF absorption
‎5)2. Drug used for hormone receptor positive Ca Breast-tamoxifen
‎6)3. Occupational disease… anthrax/
‎7)4. Ocular dendritic cells…. HLA 1/ HLA2/ BOTH/ NONE
‎8)5. intracorpuscular defect… Hereditary spherocytosis
‎9)6. Post transplantation lymphoma — EBV
‎10)7.Beta carotene protective is a confounding factor
‎11)8. Dial test- Posterolateral corner injury
‎12) 2020–doctor per population
‎13) endometrium- stage 3b(repeat)
‎14) cervix- management(repeat)
‎15)Sherocytes on ps- coombs test
‎16)Jinkoba biloba icon_razz.gif
‎17)mc coy cell culture,
‎18)bracket calcification
‎19)Capsulated bacterial –IgA with IgG2 deficiency
‎20)antibiotic associated colitis-clindamycin
‎21)choking seen in-shot gun
‎23)stereotactic radiotherapy?
‎24)aorta rupture will not take place at?
‎25)Allergic to penicillin in rheumatic drug given?-sulfasalazine
‎26)diff btw PTSD and others?
recall of events
‎27)intraoperative awareness- bi spectral index
‎28)not supplied by cranial part of accessory nerve?
‎29)a child with lesion on face, hands-scabies
‎30)post polio paralysis after investigated upto
‎31)bombay blood group?
‎32)hypoaesthetic and hypopigmented on lateral aspect of forearm..
‎33)thoracic vertebrae/cervical vertebrae —– foramen transversarium
‎34) pain over great toe & lat aspect of leg – L4-L5 disc prolapse
‎35)social worker !!!!
‎36)borderline leprosy?
inverted saucer app
‎37)sleep pattern after exerternal cues
‎38)orbital varix q !!!!!
‎39)primary&secondary markings in bullet—–identification of weapon !!!!!
‎40)child havin lesion mid thigh,codman triangle,mic-2 present-ewings sarcoma
‎41)304-A?a.gross negligence b.res ipsa c.
‎42)a 24 year old man had multiple small hypopigmented patch on upper chest and back..macules fine scaling investigation-
koh prep of scale
slit skin smear’
tzank test
skin biopsy
‎43)a lady with heart disease for normal vaginal delivery what anaesthesia should be given?
‎44)lady having max cardiac output when?-immediate post partum
45) A person committed suicide by firing. Its near temporal area and associatated with charring And cherry red colour. . . The gun is found in his right hand. !
A. Contat shot
‎ 46.population of 4050 births, 50still birth ,50in 7 days, 150 in 28 days. what is NMR-ans 50
‎47)pco2 – 30 po2 -102 ph – 7.45 compensated? Respiratory alkalosis
‎48)When a doctor ll be CHARGED.
A. Criminal negligence. B. Red lipsa c. Not intending to do. D. God knows
49) A 40 year male with diabetes presents with vitreous haemorrhage. What the cause?
A. Neovascularisatn
d. Posterior retinal detachment
‎50)Lesbianism active partner is called –Ans Dyke
‎51)HLA B-27 related uveitis
‎52)injury with tennis ball…red spot at macula
‎53)Embirical treatment in meningistis-Ansceftriaxone+vanco
‎54)After doing a thoracoabd graft a person developed weakmess in legs . Its due to
a. Lumbosacral nv. Injury
b. Thoracosplanchnic inj.
C. Ligamentum vivagentum/verntakan/valivakan/verokam ? ? Some abnormal name.
‎55)old lady after fall externally rotated…no fracture on step?
‎56)most common type of spinocerebral ataxia in india-SCA2
‎57)Responsive brain is defined as.
‎58).Opc poisoning
‎59) amitryptylene toxicity
‎60)lady cold intolerance,hoarsness of voice detected cardiomegaly…inv to know d cause
coronary angiography , echocardiography ,left ventricle angiography
‎61)9. Test for APLA -Rusell viper test
‎62)10. NOT a s/e of GH—hypoglycemia
‎63)11. Pt with deficiency of Ornithine Transcarbamylase — Rx is Arginine free diet/ ornithine free diet
‎64)12. Pt with anemia, weakness, constipation– ??lead
‎65)14. Sputum NOT disinfected by Chlorhexidine
‎66)15.Bias NOT eliminated by Multivariate analysis
‎67)17. Edema in Nephrotic syndrome – Na and water retnention
‎68)18. HT+ve pt with severe headache & no FND — Subarachnoid hemorrhage
‎69)19. Penicillin – NO drug induced lupus
‎70)20. ALL -Poor prognosis in <1 yr
‎71)21. Hep B – Vertical tranmission Not Important than Horizontal transmission
‎72)22.ARDS- Air bronchogram in xray
‎73)Preservative used for H/P specimens-formalin
‎74)Brain abscess,Empirical antibiotic given
‎75)Corneal dystrophy:Primary bilateral/unilateral,wid/widout systemic disease
‎76)Gyrate atrophy.?
‎77)Stage 1 NEC T/t.?
‎78)ADH action ?
1. Post operative secretion more
2. Neurosecretion
3. Act on DCT

‎79)Duanens refractory syndrome ?
‎81)juvenile rectal polyp
‎82)epigastric hernia
‎83)gustatory sweating
‎84)anastomotic leak after 7 days.. conservative
‎85)2 males diabetic n other nondiabetic 100 times increased risk of
‎86)2)knuckle bender splint
‎88)alcohol binge..
‎89)Structure due to PICA COMPRESSION?
‎90)Non iodine contrast? Gadoli/iodopa/diatra
‎91)suicidal shot on rt temple wid chery red on da track
‎92)parkinsons disease
‎93)national health scheme
‎94)subscapularis tear-lift of test
‎95)bleeding frm umblical stump-
fc.10 defi/vwd/
‎96)jaw broken in fite..police puts in jail wid/widout warrant
‎97)traditional medicine for heart failure-triletia arjuna
[snip].macular rash on face…chloasma
‎99)breslau test
‎100)depot antipsychotic drug-fluphenasine
‎101)type of wave in met encephalopoathy
‎102)area of retina under direct ophthalmoscope-2 dd
‎103)Corticospinal injury associated with all except
a. Superficial abdominal reflex absent
b. Babinski sign present
c. Clasp knife rigidity
d. Loss of fine movements in fingers
‎104)photosensitivity in all porhyria except? enzymes were given
‎105)jaw cyst with max malig potential? dental cyst/dentigerous/radicular cyst?
‎106)midsystolic click in female..patho inmitral valve? myxomatous degeneration
‎107)mc risk factor for HCC? HEPB
‎108)GN in fasting state enzyme responsible?
‎109)complete U/l damage of hypoglossal nerve a/e-loss of sensation of tongue
‎110)pseudotumor cerebri common ,,in obese women
‎111)mc massive disaster….geological
‎112)superinfection hev on chronic hbv
‎114)M/C C/F OF JME?
‎115)MCC of GERD?
‎116)pneumonia severity index? age
‎117)Fever blisters assoc with? Herpes labialis
‎118)injection of myeloid stem cells in animals? Effect-erythrocyte
‎119)moderate exercise.blood flow to brain?? no effect
‎120)difference b/w hematopoetic and committed progenitor cell?
‎121)ecommended protein intake in 13-15 yr female child? 0.95g/kg
122) After normal delivery women went into shock cause
1. PPH
2. Post partum eclampsia
3. Uterine inversion
4. Amniotic fluid embolus
123) ‎21 year old female with oligomenorrhea , increased testosterone usg normal ovaries
124) Recurrent URTI in 5 year old child with ear problems
Ans adenoidectomy with grommet insertion
125) 3cm calculus in kidney Management?
126) child taken for cect chest, contrast was injected and child had swelling which gradually increased. numbness ws also ther. child could not extend fingers. pulse was present. what will u do?
1. high dose prednisolone
2. arterial thrombectomy
3. Fasciotomy
127) rashtriya swasthya bima yojna for?
128) barett esophagus-intestinal metaplasia
129) dose of lignocaine in ocular anestheisia
130) flourescence means…
131) lady wid dysphagia,intermittent chest pain,up dilated lw narrow esophagus..
heller myotomy
133) most eefinitive invg in acute pyelonephritis ,….wbc cast,,
134) Pt with hb 8gm and pain in hand
1. Lead toxicity
2. Carcinoma stomach
3. Duodenal ulcer
4. ……
135) bluish green froth ?
136) Ventricular depolarisation starts from
1. Posteribasal part of ventricle
2. Basal part of ventricle
3. From anterior part
4. Interventricular septum
137) ‎18 year old with urethral discharge…
138) Maximum radiation effect
1. CT
3. X ray
4. Bone scan
139) Pneumothorax false ???
1. Surfactant reduced
2. Increased lung compliance
3. more negative intra pleural pressure
4. Increased intrathoracic pressure????
140)ext hemorrhoids are-
taggin not done
141) india ref man?
age 20-39yrs
65kg wt
142) one ques was on filariasis
143) 56 yr old man without unilateral headache,diplopia,high esr, difficulty in chewing, normal mri brain. Rx:
ans. prednisolone
144) lady with meningioma and edema planned for surgery. intern’s mistake while writing pre-op notes:
ans. stop steroids
145) 46 yr old man with constipation, abdominal pain, mucus in stools and sense of incomplete evacuation for 4 yrs. LIF tenderness o/e. diagnosis:
diverticular disease
146) rt hand person , larngoscope is held by which hand-left ofcourse
147) basal cell carcinoma , palisadins nuclei
148) critical closing volume
149) leprosy eradication prog not possible bcoz-ineffective vaccine
150) a case of RTA ,coming wid bp=90/60, PR=150. which anesthesia should be used for induction–a. ketamine.
151) test to detect fetal rbc in maternal blood-
152) one ques was person taking asprin, relatives said black stool?
gastric ulcer
153) ppi act longer because
154) Heat stiffening occurs at what temperature
155) mst common postr segment cause f diminshed vision in ant uveitis?
156) ‎1)Cancer management improves survival in?caeso,cholangiocarcinoma,ALL
157) 2)most reliable test in spinal tb?
158) 4)component of sodalime in co2 absorption in closed ckt?
159) ‎thrombolytics can b given if pt cum within
160) ‎1 ws like wen nt to gve thrombolytics in acute transmural infarction?
pericardial effusion
161) ‎a pt wth sever ms n lft atrial thrombus wt nt to be done electrical cardioversion
162) pt. Has spleenic rupture induction agent of choice
163) one q ws proliferative small intestine ds(PSID), mc presentation: obstruction/malabsorption/bleeding/constipation
164) a pregnant lady feels nausea vomiting headache wen she sleeps supine, problem relieved on lateral side??
due to ivc compression
165) true abt anatomy f brain? hypothalamus is part f brainstem……………medulla is part f limbic system
166) lady fell down, keeps d limb in ext rotation,, pain restricts movement.. furthr step??
167) one more ques on pregnant lady in wich there was low dose of anaesthesia used bcoz
less arachnoid space
engorged veins
high nerve sensitivity to anaesthetics
168) pneumonia related deaths.. most imp factr responsible??
169) options are..teresminor,long head of triceps,pectoralis major,latissmus dorsai
170) second life test for infanticide case… ???? options lung.liver………brain n heart
171) Wife of long route truck driver wid vaginal discharge,empirical t/t: azithro+metro+flucon /azithro/metro+flucon/flucon
172) Scratch on extensr and face. More in rainy and less in winter. Ans is insect bite. Repeat from 04
173) a man binge drinking,, slept on sofa.. wakes up wd upper limb weakness.. further mnt.. ??
174) Vaginitis syndromic approach treatment
175) Sturge Weber Syndrome
176) Hand weakness, square wave jerks, Rigidity
177) Scoline asphyxia
178) Small vessel disease and Alzheimer
179) diabetes n hypertnsn both…inc risk of!..limb ischemia??
180) Antiepileptic mechanism
181) bradykinin in inflammation causes – pain (decrease in vascularity was in option this time viz aipg 2010)
182) What ll be the answer of dendritic cell in orbit. .
Th1 , th2, both, none
183) Family tree..
184) sudden massive haemorrage….a/e
ans—-increase PCV
185) post op ileostomy complication?
186) Mc tumnr of head n neck region ..smthng lyk dat ?
187) one ques on malignant hyperthermia?first choice of drug given
188) corticospinal tract…a.sup abd reflex lost..b.aquired skilled movement f prox mucle lost..babinsky postv..d??
189) svd,,,caa and alzheimers assocation….a/e
ans- svd and alzheimers are not associated…
190) sumthng on electrochocleography?
191) vestibular potential used for-
inf vestibular nerve
sup vestibular n
cochlear n
192) one ques on bera?
193) moyamoya-aortic aneurysm?
NF1-renal artery stenosis?
marfans-dural ectasia?
mulibrey nanism-constrictive pericarditis
194) pt with blurred vision.also have vitritis.uvitis.choroditis dign is
cystoid macular edema
retinal detachment
….dot disease
195) ek ques tha jisme pts ko iritis, vitritis tha wat will b diagnosis?
196) at what levels of alcohol intoxication symmptoms of motorincordination and poor judgement develop.
1 <8-
2 80-200
3. 200-300
4. >300
197) Principle of thermo-dilution method used in measuring cardiac output?
1.hagen-poisseuille principle
2.stewart-hamilton principle
3.bernoulli’s principle
4.universal gas equation
198) with regard to the banned drug in Olympics
199) congenital vertical talus
3rd something abt tibia
200) researcher collected data about fat consumption from community and ds from hospital records
ans- Ecological studies

201) Food with max cholesterol?
2.coconut oil
3.hydrogenated fats.
abattoir worker ..
1.methylene blue
2.carbol fuschin
4.calcofour white
203) acute and chronic malnutrition …. weight for age
204) pneumococus …. optochin
205) antibiotic resistence except -plasmid mediated resistence is exclusively transffered vertically
206) asphyxial death -neck dissected later
207) dna estimation can be done by metre

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