JIPMER (Jawaharlal Institute of Post-graduate Medical Education and Research, Pondicherry, India) MD MS 2012 questions with options and answers

1)Levosimandan – sensiting calcium to tropomyosin……………..

2) supracondylar fracture humerus?????

3) Waldeyer fascia

4) antibody a/w IgA nephropathy is against?
a)Cd 71
gA nephropathy overexpresses
1- cd51
2- 2-cd61
3- 3-cd71
4- 4-cd81

5) S 100-neuroendocrine

6) miyagawa body????lgv

7) primary action of chemoreceptors?
a.mild tachycardia, vasodilation
c.tachycardia , vasoconstriction
d.bradycardia, vasodilation

8) origin fro ecto and mesoderm??????

9) anal sphincter???? circular

10) spinothalmic tract?????

11) ossification at 2 month????
ANS capitate

12) congenital glaucome?
trabaculoplasty? ….

13) electrical synapse?gap junction ans

14) norepinphrine acxts by reducing camp in alfa 2recptors?

15) pop diadvantage?irregular bleed

16) iodine 131 half life 8 days

17) non ketotic hypoglycemis a/e galactosemia fructose intolerance hyperinsulinemia??

18) induseum griseum?

induseum griseum is a vestige of hippocampal development. supracallosal gyrus (induseum griseum; gyrus epicallosus) consists of a thin layer of grey matter in contact with the dorsal surface of the corpus callosum and continuous laterally with the grey matter of the cingulate gyrus

19) ‎*flipped LDH isoenzymes occur in:
b)myocardial infarction
c)grave’s disease
d)?myasthenia gravis
Ans MI

20) ‎*55yr old woman had postmenopausal bleeding, she underwent hysterectomy. histopatholgy showed endometrioid type of endometrial carcinoma. what would have led to this type of cancer:
c)excess estrogens

21) ‎*wilm”s tumor gene WT1 is located on chromosome??
11q 13

22) ‎*which is a photochromogen:
a)mycobacterium gordonae
b)mycobacterium kansasii ans
c)mycobacterium schleii
d)mycobacterium marinum

23) ‎*thiamine deficiency shows:
a)reduced RBC trasketolase

24) * according to WHO International Health regulations, area around ports and airports free of mosquitoes should be:
a) 100metres

25) *mycobacterium simiae is a:

26) *ELISA for virulence marker antigen(VMA) is done to detect virulence in :
a)atypical mycobacteria
b)hemophilus influenzae
c)?strptococuus pyogenes
d)E coli

27)type 2 rta a/e
lowe cystinuria

28) thyroid peroxidaSE does a/e release of thyroglobulin into the colloid?

29) c/i in liver failure?
Ans carbonic anhydrase inhibitor

30) iucd a/e?reduces fertility after removal?

31) estrogen a/e?
reduces fsh,
secreted by theca
causes lh suerge,

32) theirsch graft?
partial thickness

33) post ethmoid sinus opens into superior meatus!

34) epoophoran upper part of wolfian duct

35) uterine axis is at internal os

36) vpm nucleus of thamlamus?
medial lemniscus/
lat lemniscus?
trigeminal nucleus(ANS)?

37) g2b/3a?glanzmans?
Bernard Soulier

38) a/e are a part of hypopharynx ?
post cricoid?
pyriform sinus

39) glottic cancer with fixed chords stage 3

40) recurrent apnea bradycardia and syncope?
cong heart block?

41) most common nerve involved with herpes zoster
mandibular, ,
axillary as
d option???????????? V1

42) eale’s disease cause…wat type of blindness ?????????????????????/
Sudden painless

43) famciclovir is the prodrug of

44) sagittal suture closure –

45) direct renin inhibitor

46) hyperchloremic acidosis-

47) *resection of adjacent bowel is usually necessary during resection of:
a)chylolymphatic cyst
b)enterogenous cyst ANS
c)simple cyst
d)? mesenteric cyst

48) *intussusection is caused by;
a)submucuos dermoid (ANS)
b)subserous dermoid

49) lyre sign?-
glomus tympanicum
jugulare acoustic
carotid body tumor
Ans carotid body tumor

50) gutzman test done in puberphonia

51) adverse effects of beta blocker a/e bron constriction ,rebound tachy, ortho hypotension,poor response to hypoglycemia
Ans it is used in ortho hypotension

52) cerebral salt wasting a/e hypovolemia

53) hypertonic hyponatremia?mannitol

54) a/e true abt cystic fibrosis early hyperglycemia,res trac infection common, majority males with infertility, chloride >70meq

55) mesalamine used for Ulcer colitis alzheimer ? UC

56) treatment of soft tissue sarcoma ? wide excicion

57) pinch purpura? primary amyloidosis

58) amyloid deposits commonly in? renal vessels

59) Emphysematous cholecystitis caused by- clostridium welchii

60) Malignant pustule- anthrax

61) Most common melanoma- supfl spreading

62) about ear a/e oval window transmits sound to perilymph??

63) Aortic opening.- at T12

64) reid index in chronic bronchitis

65) ochronosis is seen in chronic poisoning wid..?? Carbolic acid

66) small cell Ca lung..dna of d necrotic cells get deposited on vessels-a]psammoma body b]azzopardy effect c]button collar lesion
67) lowest court 2 giv imprisonment less den 10 yrs..a]Chief judicial magistrate B] additional session judge C]assistant session judge Dchief metroploitan,,

68) aconite poisoning not a symptom- hypertension. hypotension is usually seen

69) Parotid gland is supplied by- a) Otic ganglion

70) allowed fluoride level in water? <1.5 mg/dL ?

71) particle size inhaled in lung <5 microns

72) radiation dose absorbed in SI unit Gray

73) ab. To gm csf ‎, Alveolar proteinosis
74) socialy learned behaviour??????????????????
culture is learned behavior which is socialy acquired

75) icds program under 1 ministry of H & FW 2 MINISTRY OF EDUCATION 3 MINISTRY OF SOCIAL WELFERE 4 MINISTRY OF H R D
At present Ministry of Women and Child Development which until 2006 was under Ministry of H RD (started when HRD was under Ministry of social justice)

76) 1-Nephrotic syndrome asso. with-

a) P. vivax b) p. malariae (ans) c) P. f. d) P. ovale

77) brunner glands n duodenam


79) Tardive Ulnar palsy: Cubitus varus Cubitus valgus genu valgum genu varum

80) lead poisoning inorganic which is not a symptom insomnia

81) time period b/w primary case and secondary case median incubation period serial interval generation time ??

82) seizure caused by a/e cycloserine, clozapine tramodol propofol
All increase seizure threshold!!!! Clinically, maybe propofol… 

83) post anesthesia minitoring? pain ambullation nausea drinking
Ans ambulation

84) least elimination half life? propofol thiopentone midazolam

85) all routes preferred in ? fentanyl

86) alveolar hge in a/e idiopathic pulmanory fibrosis , pul cpillaritis?

87) self esteem narcissist

88) dimorphic? histoplasma

89) endolymph? Scala media

90) diarrhoea is sen ? metformin

91) serum albumin gradien<1.1 ? nephritic

92) all r transudate except? uremia svc syndrome

93) fatty liver in pregnancy a/e? fatal

94) turner syndrome?

95) pri amenorrhea with n karyotype? Mullerian agenesis

96) x linked a/e rett

97) most common symptom in fibroadenosis? pain

[snip]) ant colporraphy with perinnnioraphy?

99) g6pd deficiency?

100) hereditary spherocytosis? Spherocytes wikll disappear after splenectomy

101) hemolytic anemia? Low LDH

102) sickle cell anemia? Aplastic crisis spleen

103) oxaluria? glycine

104) chronic liver disease poor prognosis? inc alfa feto protein
Inc PT
105) placental trophoblastic?

106) partial mole? a/e diploid

107) hydati mole a/e? cyto trophoblast predominant

108) c/i in placenta previa a/e speculum exam

109) ocp protect against al/e ? cervical ca

110) type 2 muscla fibre?

111) Zoonotic asso with agricultural workers a/e Dracunculus leptospirosis Qfever ?? Tetanus


113) sympathetic vasodilator fibers ?
a) arises from frontal lobe

114) decreased basophils in cushings

115) dehydration in children is due to al/e less basal fluid requirements?

116) undescenden testis cannot descend after? 4 months , 6, 8 months

117) glut 5 is fructose transporter. a/e ANS GLUT 2 in neurons (it is GLUT 3)

118) a/e about phenobarbitone hypoglycemia ?

119) c/i antiepileptic in child treated with ketogenic diet ? valproate

120) 4. False about amiodarone? A. Bradycardia and heart block B. Drug of choice for atrial fibrillation C. High incidence of torsa des pointes D. Dose related pulmonary toxicity is the most important adverse effect answer C. Katzung 11th ed, p240-241

121) 6. Anticraving drug used in alcohol dependence? Answer C. Naltrexone

122) True about Sporothricosis are all EXCEPT A. Spread along lymphatics B. Drug of choice is Potassium iodide C. Medlar body D. Caused by S.schenckii answer C. Chakraborthy p631

123) Thayer martin media for? Answer- Neisseria

124) 12.Streptococcal capsule is made up of? A. Hyaluronic acid B. Polysaccharide C. Polypeptide D…… Answer- A

125) 13. Streptococcus pyogenes experiment by Griffith is? A. Lysogenic conversion B. Transduction C. Transformation D. Conjugation answer- C. Chakroborthy p79

126) 14.Contaminant in home canned vegetables and smoked fish? A. Staph B. Cl.botulinum C. Salmonella D. B.cereus answer- B. Harrison17th p901

127) 15.In Africa Children, which is the most common type of kaposi sarcoma? A. Classical type B. Lymphadenopathic type C. Hodgkin ds D. AIDS asso type answer-B. Wikipedia

128) 16. Periportal fibrosis caused by? A. S.japonicum B. S.mansoni C. S.hematobium D. S.mekongi answer- A. Paniker p116

129) 17.Primary amebic encephalitis? Answer- nagleria fowleri

130) . Chromosomal breakage a/e Duchenne

131) 19. Guarneri bodies? Answer- pox virus

132) 21. Number of bacilli per field for diagnosing Hansen’s ds is? A. 10 per field B. 10^2 C. 10^3 D. 10^4 Answer- A? Chakraborthy p410

133) Xeroderma pigmentosa nucleotide excision repair

134) autonomous hyperplsaia in? fibromatosis

135) 5.touton giant cells? Xanthomas!

136) transplacental carcinogenesis? Vaginal adeocarcinoma

137) which drug dosage should be decreased with concomitant administration of allopurinol mercaptopurine ?? ?? ??

138) criggler najar syndrome
Defect in conjugation

139) Type of lens wit minimum post subcapsular calcification. . A PMMA B Hydrophilic
acrylic c hydrophobic acrylic (ans?) d crystalline lens

140) Lesch nyhan syndrome HGPPT

141) substrate level phosphorylation

142) classical liver lobule –around central vein

143) red cells stored in blood bank? Low Na

144) less total ant pituitary hormone

145) mech not that gr8 for T cells -phagocytosis

146) antibiotic act on protein synthesis : erythromycin

147) T helper 1- CMI

148) myagalia ??

149) minimal alveolar conc of anesthetic agent is potency

150) glycopeptide antibiotic vancomycin

151) metaplasia from? Stem cells??

152) neonatal sepsis org Gr D strp (agalactae)

153) endocopes disinfected with guteraldehyde

154) weil disease L interrogans

155) most common world wide zoonotic / brucella anthrax rabies leptospirosis
ANS brucella

156) subclavian steal syn ?first part of sub clavian artery blocked

157) maximum protein binding? morphine fentanyl sulfentan

158) Benefit of screening procedure in? colon cancer

159) GVHR monitor a/e skin liver lung intestine
Ans liver

160) mesangial contraction by? histamine bradykinin,nitric oxide,

161) specimen required for cytogenetic study in macerated fetus? WBC RBC fibroblast from achilles, fibroblast from skin fascia

162) early symptom in rectal cancer? constipation, diahorrea n constipation, bleeding, pain

163) common skeletal manifestation in NF1? sphenoid dysplasia,scoliosis,pseudoarthrosis,thinning of long bones

164) early symptom in TB hip? loss of joint space,collapsed head, osteopenia

165) cause for ganglion degenaration of tendon sheath

166) monteggia fracture…

167) haemangioblastoma of cerebellum and retina-von hippel landau

168) kobner phenomenon present n vitiligo,lichev planus,psoriasis not n dermatitis herpetiformis

169) fatty liver in alc d/t


171) strawberry gum in wegener

172) herat boarder formed by A/E IN PA View 1 RA 2 RV 3 LV 4 AORTIC ARCH

173)eyelas infestation with pediculosis capitis pediculosis humanis pthris pubis


175) during outbreak of an epidemic first thing to do: confirmation of diagnosis confirmation of the epidemic ?? ??

176) malondialdehyde lipid peroxidation

177) method in which whole of body organs removed for dissection? virchow ghon
ANS letulle??

178) disposal of sharp instruments in which colour bag? Blue/ transparent

179) which among is saturated fatty acid? Palmitic acid

180) most essential fatty acid linoliec acid aracadonic acid linolenic acid eicosapentanoic acid

181) Not true abt mitochondrial diabetes: early hyperglycemia asso with weight gain ??? ??

182) paranasal sinus not present at birth.i think ans frontal sinus

183) Miculiz cell & Russel Body seen in 1 Rhinospordiosis 2 Rhinosclerosis 3? 4 ?

184) a person died of menigooencephalitis. autopsy shows gelainous fluid, cystic spaces, organism has capsule and is round, which stain will it take: Mucicarmine alicial blue giemsa prussian blue

185) Subclinical infection is seen in JE

186) osteomalasia x ray finding
Loosers zone

187) marketing of a drug after which pahse of drug trial
3 PHASE3 ans

188) ‎3 Sign of COA

189) nephelometry uses light scattering property
190) regarding Transfusion Associiated Lung Injury FALSE is:
anti-HLA antibodies
seen in multiigravid/parous women
leucocytes in pulmonary circulation
causes noncardiogenic pul.edema
All seem to be true

191) which is not community acquired pneumonia: Acinetobacter baumanii mycopllasma staph areus H.influenzae
Ans a
192) which is not an epiigenetic modification: poly A tailing Splicing dna methylation histone acetylation

193) Pulmonary plethora a/e TAPVC TOF ?? ??

194) Hypoxemia in Asthma is due to: V/Q mismatch Shunt hypoventilation ??

195) pH of a soln having 1×10 power -9 Hydrogen ions 12 9 4 3

196) Vol of fluid to repaced in a 10kg child of obvious dehydration in first 4 hours 500ml 750ANS 1200 1000

197) Lacunar infarcts a/e: loss of consciousness hemisensory loss clumpsy hand can be seen hemiparesis or??

198) which is only filtered into renal tubules DTPA DMSA MAG3 EC
Ans dtpa

199)Tc Labellled RBC are used for a/e GI bleed LV function ?? ?? Ans hepatoblastoma

200) how many PERMANENT teeth at 8years…………16,20,24
Ans 12
201) Radiolucent stones: uric acid cysteine sruvite calcium oxalate
Ans uric acid >> cysteine
202) which substance is least lost in urine: albumin haemoglobin myoglobin ??
Albumin (<150mg/24hrs normally)

203) maximum no of oocytes -20 weeks

204) cranial end of wolffian –epoopharon

205)true about spastic diplegia upper limbs only hemiparesis of upper an lower limb upper limb>lower limb lower limbs only

206)according to safe strategy WHO recommends the use of _____ for the control of trachoma azithromycin tetracycline ?? ??

207) features of achondroplasia a/e: trident hand acro-chondrolysis tombstone iliac bones ??
Acral osteolysis

208) non contraceptives use of ocp r all ex-ca cervix

209) impending uterine rupture a/e;peritoneal pregnancy

210)Seen in ARDS a/e PaO2:fio2 </=200 pcwp</= 18 cvp</= 18
Ans PCWP<18

211)) ultrashort acting neuromuscular blocking agen suxametonium vecuronium
Ans sux
212) suxamethonium resistance seen in: mysthenia gravis lambert eaton myasthenic syndrome polymyositiis dermatomyositis or duchenne muscular dysrtrophy or??

213) false abt ear chorda tympani passes on the inner surface of pars tensa pars flaccide is in between the malleolar folds tympanic membrane makes 55 degree angulation with meatus amplification function is mainly due to lever action of ear ossicles

214) antibiotics are given in this type of psoriasis guttate pustular impetigo herpetiformis ??

215) regarding transfusion associated ANAPHYLACTIC reactions False is
differentr from allergy
seen in IgG deficient individuals
washed blood products prevents it
216) single most important predictor for CAD
Increased LDL

217) True about PET scan
single photon peak at 511 kev
dual photon peak at 511 kev ans
10 times more sensitive than gamma cameras
Lead collimators are used

218) Rbc protoporphyrin inc in iron def anemia

219) regarding ‘affect’ in psychiatric interview not true is:
it has objective component
has subjective component
a cross-sectional manifestation of emotion
persistant tone of feeling for a period of time ANS This is mood, not affect

220) drug bound to alpha 1 acid glycoprotein all except
All are basic drugs and hence I expect all to be bound to alpha glyco!
221)ovarian cause of hirsutism
a. pcos
222) Insulin dependent glucose transport occurs in all except
skeletal muscle
heart ans
223) fetal bleed: vasa previa

224) one can increase inspiratory airway pressure by
decreasing PEEP
increasing PIP ANS
decreasing inspiratory:expiratory time ratio
225) which is not true about indication of exchange transfusion
1 cord bilirubin> 4mg%
2 cord hb < 10mg %
3 rate of bilirubin increase is > 0.5mg%
4 total bilirubin 10 mg/dL Ans

226) human milk as compare to cow milk has more
1 fat
2 protien
3 lactose
4 ?

227) rmp ca- 130

228) false regarding bronchiecteasis
dry type is seen in apices
mucolytic has proven action in relief of secretions
antibiotics are indicated during exacerbations

229) retinal breaks are seen in the following type of retinal degeneration
snowflake degeneration
lattice degeneration(ans)

230) contraindicated in a diabetic
ray amputation
symes amputation
transmetatarsal amputation
below ankle amputation

231) migratory thrombophlebitis is not seen in
ca colon
ca pancreas
ca prostate
ca lung ANS

232) a patient with prolonged aptt, underwent a surgery without any bleeding
complication… which factor is deficient
V ans?
233) Pin index
234) heparin release- lip lipase

235) crosses bbb- physostigmine
236) buspirone a/e sedative

237) Interstitial nephritis is C/B
1 methicillin ans
2 cloxacillin
3 amoxycillin

238) Neural cells expt- Ependymal phagocytosis
239) sertoli cell secrets-
ans-androgen binding protien

240) MM- IL 6

241) 30 years male SUDDEN Backache with right sided radiculopathy IN ABILITY TO PASS URINE ETC..-LUMBAR CANL STENOSIS/CAUDA EQUINA SYN/?

242) spiramycin toxoplasmosis
243) Coagulation necrosis: 4 days after MI
244) venous air embolism during surg seen with
sitting ans
lateral position

245) catII TBans-

246) weaning mode of ventilation a/e Pressure control

247) LAP decreased in CML

248) paronyhia best treatment. Partial nail removal/nail removal/ lifting of eponychium
249) Acute Tubular Necrosis/ SIADH causes eu volumic Hyponatremia

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