AIIMS MD/ MS Nov. 2011 all 200 Questions with answers

AIIMS May 2012 Questions with answers

AIIMS MD/ MS Nov. 2011 paper will be conducted on 13th Nov. 2011 at 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

We will post all 200 question as soon as we collect these on recall basis with authentic answers.

Best of luck to all who are appearing for it


1. If 4 nucleotide repeats code for a amino acid…what is no. of amino acid coded possible:
1. 16
2. 64
3. 4
4. 256

2. Systemic eosinophelia with renal failure except–
which of the following does not present with eosiniphilia and ARF..
a. drug induced interstitial nephritis
c. contrast nephropathy
d. PAN

3. Drug not used in multiple sclerosis
1. ifn 1a
2. IFN 1b
3. Glatiremer acetate
4. Mycophenolate

4. Drug used in multiple sclerosis
1. ifn alpha
2. IFN beta
3. ifn gamma

5. Bremelanotide used for
1. Erectile dysfunction
3. hormone refractory prostate cancer

6. Transcranial patch drug used in pd Rotigotine

7. Post operative ileus:
3. ileum
4. Colon

8. Mizuo phenomenon seen in oguchi disease

9. flaying seen in what type of lacerated wound ?
1. tear
2. shearing force
3. avulsion
4. pressure
answer – avulsion

10. According to organ transplantation act 1994 what punishment for doctor if found guilt ?
1. 2 yrs
2. morethan 5 yrs
3. 4 yrs
4. 2-5 yrs

answer – 2-5 yrs

11. Palatoprint commonly taken from
1. anterior part of palate
2. lateral wall of palate
3. medial wall of palate
4. posterior palate

answ – anterior part of palate

12. a alcoholic not drunk 3- 4 days beaten his neigbour now he came to know he was in delerium tremens

answer – he was not responsible for act as per section 84 ipc

13. Noble prize for discovery of structure of insulin
1. Sanger
2. Baning and Best

14. Type d personality seen in
1. Coronary Heart Disease
2. Alzheimer’s disease
3. Depression

type d personality were recently found to risk for

a. coronary artery disease
b. depression
c. personality disorder
d. schizophrenia
answer – coronary artery disease

15. False medical certificate
section 197

16. Hostile witness section 191

17. Ossification centre first appears — end of 2nd month

18. A/e brown sequard syndrome
A)ipsilateral pyramidal tract features
B)c/l dorsal column
C)c/l spinothalmic
D)ipsilat planter extensor

19. Drug used for non infectious uveitis in luminate
1. steroid
2. infliximab
3. methotrexate
4. voclosporin

answer – voclosporin

A new agent for the treatment of noninfectious uveitis: rationale and design of three LUMINATE (Lux Uveitis Multicenter Investigation of a New Approach to Treatment) trials of steroid-sparing -voclosporin

20. Stack method fot teeth age gr.

21. Syndromic mgt in india? syndromic approasch H. genitalis/ chancre/ chancroid

22. Ball catching base of thumb injury; Cricketer gets hit by a ball on thumb. which damage shd u look for specifically?ulnar collateral ligament/volar plate/abductor pollicis/extensor pollicis brevis

23. Addison syn; Cause of Addisons disease in india
1 tb
2 post partum

24. most specific for RA?anticcp

25. IgA deposits in dermal papilla. Diag? Dermatitits herpetiformis/pemphigus/pemphigoid

26. immediately lateral to femoral hernial sac
1) femoral vein
2) femoral artery
3) femoral nerve

27. ldl recptr true A/E-clathrin coated recptr on cell membrane,taken by endocytosis,present only at xtra hepatic site,incrsd cellular chloesterol downregulates the receptors

28. which is the only drug effective in EDSS in multiple sclerosis?
a. interferon gamma
b. interferon beta
c. glatiramer acetate
d. natalizumab

29. Recurrent Oral ulcer with nodules in shin. Diag? behcet/ pemphigus fixed drug eruption

30. during starvation gluconeogenesis is dependent on?
1-alanine 2- beta oxidation of fatty acid 3-ADP

31. MAP =( sbp + 2dbp )/3

32. if u r in PHC, which anticoagulant is used to sent the blood sample ?1- EDTA 2- heparin

33. best anticoagulant for coagulation studies? Citrate

34. which of the following inhibit CPT1 on outer membrane of mitochondria during well fed state? malonyl coA

35. superficial perineal pouch a/e sphincter urethrae

36. lady with hb-9, mcv- 50 , ferritin-200 , tibc-294
1) fe def
2) anaemia of chronic d’s
3) thalasemia


38. Countertransferance :from therapist to pt

39. ozurdex – 7% dexamethasone; 0.7% triamcinolone acetate
0.5% triamcinlone

40. structure passing via oesophageal hiatus…….rt phrenic/lt phrenic/vagus rt and lef

41. vision 2020, who which them does not form part of it
1) who
2) unicef
3) orbis international
4) international comittee for prevention of blindness

42. nerve supply of Dilator pupillae…?

43. LID retraction is adr of..brinzolamide

44. PG E causes worse in infant——-ps without vsd 2….left hypoplastic hrt syndme 3…obstructive tapvc

45. a child mentally retarded, Downs all except? 21 trisomy/mosaicism of 21/ robertsonian trans of 21/ deletion of 21

46. 75yrs male with new onset focal seizures. Drug of choice? valproate/ oxcarbezepine/ phenytoin/ levetiracetam

47. 4 months pregnant lady with seizure disorder well controlled on valproate comes to you. wt to do next? increase dose of valproate/continue same rx/ taper valproate immed and shift to lamotrigine

48. efavirenz acts
hiv1 integrase
HIV entry into cell

49. which retinal layer is most resistant to radiation
(a) RPE
(b) layers of rods $ cones
(c) bipolar cell layer
(d) ganglion cell layer

50. calcification around foramen of monro with raise ICT; periventricular calcification with mass below 3rd ventricle
1) ependymoma
2) ependydomal-astrocytoma

51. herpes zoster keratitis all occure except
a. pseudodendritic keratitis
b. anterior endothelial keratitis
c. sclero keratitis
d.. endothelitis; stromal keratitis

52. pt with urethral syndrome , microscopy full of polymorph , but no bacteria , culture done in
1) mc’coy cell
2) thayer martin

53. first chemical barrier encountered for microorganism for common exposed sites ; chemical barrier in tissues resistant to bacteria
a. lysozyme
b.acidic ph
c. lactose
d. glycogen

54. question on alkaline phosphatase

55. q on cholecystectomy…cbd stone seen surgeon has less expertise??? cholecystectomy wid choledochoduodenostomy

56. a child with tlc-40000 , hb-9.1 , MPO +,CD 19+,CD 10+,CD 3-
7 yr old child with bleeding history with pet heamorrages,needing repeated transfusions,cd19+ve,calla +ve,cd33 -ve,cd117 +ve,wbc count 60thousand,plat count 2.5 lac
c)mixed leucocytic disorder

57. all prevent delivery of aftercoming head of fetus except
a.extended haed
c.placenta previa
d.incomplete dilatation of cervix

58. baby born wid blisters……….best investigation..
B.MANOUX on blister fluid


59. NESTROF test is used in thalassemia

60. intraepidermal igG-phemphigus

61. Treatment in CAH: Hydrocortisone

62. Pt develops myelopathy post trauma. Wt dose of methyl pred to be gn? 30mg/kg within 3hrs/45mg/kg within6hrs/ 60mg/kg within 9hrs/ 75mg/kg within 12hrs

63. Gene involved in SRNS: NPHS 2

64. CAP: positive regulator

65. M/O injury in shoulder dislocation – abduction n ext rotation

66. Diabetic person c 15 degree flexion of little finger – percut fasciotomy; c/c aicoholic wid painless 15degee deviation of little finger-rx 3.observation,fasciotomy,tendon releas

67. gallows traction-shaft femur

68. newborn response to cold.shivering/crying/cutaneous vasoconstrictn.

69. spondylolisthesis least helpful in diagnosis-ap x ray/lateral x ray/mri/ct

70. for confirmation of DNA from autopsy sample is taken from

71. Women with infertility with b/l cornual block on hsg next inv 4 managent

72. Karyotyping of fetus can be done frm a/e
Cvs/cordocentesis/amniocentesis/fetal skin

73. Xenon anaesthesia a/e – slow induction n recovery

74. new thrombin inhibitor – dazoxiban

75. 17yr girl with ovarian tumor. Usg shows pred solid 125 neg afp neg, alp raised? Dysgerminoma/malign teratoma/mucinous cystadenocarcinoma

76. poly (A) tail on translation will give rise to


77. Normal funtioning

78. Primary amenorhea+normal sec sexual charac+absent pubic hair-AIS; 17 yr female with b/l inguinal hernias,sec sex charecters seen,no pubic hair,with primary amennorhoe?
a)androgen insensitivity
c)mullerian agenesis

79. All of the foll changes occur in pregnancy except? Increase in cardiac output/ Increase in stroke volume/ Increase in systemic vascular resistance

80. Hrt given for all except
a)vaginal dryness
b)hot flushes
C)cardiovascular risk
d)preventn of osteoporosis

81. glomerular capillary flow
glomerular oncotic pressure lower than filtrate
oncotic presssure of filtrate is same(??) as the systemic oncotic pressure

82. EBM(Evidence based medicene)? ; evidence based medicine include all except? 1- the research paper is investigated by the tools qouted in research paper itself to check validity
2-the opinion of medical profesnls n researchers have given a least importance

83. subtelomeric fraction can be traced by all except? Agarose gel electophoresis

84. somatic passivity schizophrenia

85. newborn hypoehoic midline mass bruit on ausculation
vein of galen malformation

86. papillary necrosis not seen in?………..SCA/bacterial UTI/TB/__??

87. repeat question answer enterococcus fecalis

88. repeat question answer -bacitracin sensitivity

89. % of endothelium destroyed in keratoplasty?

90. Bipolar 2 = Hypomania + depression

91. low validity low reliability

92. situs invertus, sinusitis: kartgeners syndrome

93. tb meningitis-lymphocytosis ,low glucose ,high protein

94. A pt with radiologically confirmed Reflux nephropathy develops 3+ proteinuria. What type of nephrotic syndrome will develop? Membranous/MPGN/crescentic/FSGS

95. hematuria pt
a)isosized rbc
c)rbc cast

96. daibetes mellitus diagnosis- Fasting > 125,PP> 199 / fasting>100, PP>140 / HbA1c>5.5

97. about forcep delivery all except this is is inaccurate?
1- the AP diameter of head is 15 degree to the axis
it the presentation is vertex n face with mentoantr
3-the presenting part is at zero station
4-caput succedum

[snip]. indications of GTT in preg a/e:
1. Previous fetal death.
2. Polyhydramnios.
3. Pre-Eclampsia.
4. Congn Malformations

99. A 50 year old man with aortic stenosis is doing exercise for 11 minutes according to bruce protocol. Regional motion wall abnormality is more than 60%. 60mmHg differential across the valve. What is the best management?
1. angiogram
2. aortic valve replacement
3. Aortic vulvoplasty

100. rheumatoid factor IgG, IgA, IgM

101. maintenance of tidal volume
1 bronchial stretch receptors
2 j receptors
3 carotid/aortic body

102. True abt prothrombin time
1.kaolin is added
2. immediately keep in fridge
3.test within 2 hrs

103. regular drinking of following prevents uti.
1 grape juice
2 raspberry juice.
3 orange juice

104. A lady evaluated for short stature. CT revealed pituitary enlargement. Blood tests revealed TSH increased, T4 decreased. Cause of short stature? Primary hypothyroidism/pituitary adenoma/ TSH secreting pituitary adenoma

105. a 25 yr old female with mcv55,rbc count 4.5,with normal wbc count
a)thal minor
b)thal major
c)anemia of chronic diseases
d)iron def anemia

106. Regarding the diagnosis of primary hyperaldosteronism, all are true except? Metabolic acidosis/ diastolic hypertension with edema/ low renin activity/

107. effect of thiazide – decreased calcium, increased sodium and potassium

108. indications of systemic steroids in psoriasis
1 pustular

109. which is true for octreotide
a]stimulates growth hormone
b]used in secretory diarrhoea
c]used orally
d]contraindicated in acromegaly

110. mrsa cannot b given -certain cephalosporin

111. to produce insulin -probably m rna of beta pancreatic cell

112. Pt develops paralysis with bowel bladder invol. MRI showed dorsal myelopathy and intradural enhancing lesion at dorsal level.cause? NF/ meningioma/ ependymoma, intradural lipoma

113. not required in protein synthesis-rna polymerase,aminoacyl transferases

114. autoclave indicator-clostridium tetani,stereothermophilus

115. ductal plate capsule of liver is made of all except?
1 ductal
2 diaphragm
3 gall bladder

116. mc site of cholangiocarcinoma…..perihilar

117. direct standardtion -age distribution

118. bacteroides fragilis

119. prior probability of sle,sensitivity,specificity.repeat question

120. endothelial retraction-early transient

121. kawasaki-i v immunoglobulin

122. one q with old pt male develops respi infec…org grown on charcoal broiled meat

123. preleukemic conditions all except a.pnh b.paraoxysmal cold hemoglobinuria c.myelodysplasia

124. most common complication after ilial pouch anal anastomosis is..
small intst obstruction
pelvic abscess
perineal infection

125. A pt has LDL 500 and triglyceride 150. wt will u see? Tendon xanthomas/ tendoeruptive xanthomas

126. not an indicator of acute pancreatitis
1 amylase
2 cck pregastrin

127. man with accident and forehead abrasion trauma proptosis
128. brinzolamide- reversible noncompetitor

129. ne ques abt drug metabolism matches r rite except ………….dat had digoxin -p glycoprotein…..p glycoprot is transporter n not metabolising sys hence can b answer?????

130. azithromycin prophylaxis in trachoma given when prevalence above? <didnt remember exact options>
10%, 8%, 6%, 2%

131. phagocytosis causes complement activation by
ans:c3b and fc

132. best investigation for cavernous sinus thrombosis?MRI/CT/DSA/MRA

133. iNVESTIGATION OF CHOICE FOR meningial carcinamatosis?
Non contrast CT
Contrast MRI

134. alzheimers disease all are seen except
1 Aphasia
2 acalculia
3 apraxia
4 agnosia

135. epidermoid and arachnoid cyst differentiation
1 smooth margin
2 contrast enhancement

136. type study of anti asthma drug and asthma death

137. marker of bone formation

138. hypothermia in child – infants don’t shiver

139. After RTA a young male presented with non pulsatile retroperitoneal hematoma.on table IVU was done.rt kidney not visualised left kidney showed immediate excretion of dye.what is next step in m/t
a nephrectomy
b explore proximal renal vessels, open Gerota’s fascia n explore kidney
c perform on table angiography
d retrograde pyelography

140. secreated in breast milk
1 linoleic acid
2 palmitic acid
3 arachidonic acid
4 docosahexaenoic acid

141. ART given to prevent maternal to child transmission
1 lamivudine
2 nevirapine

142. a pt present with sudden b/l loss of vision with loss of light perception. More on rt side. Pupillary reflex, optokinetic nystagmus are normal. Pt can touch to his finger on closing his rt eye but not on closing lt. What is diagnosis?
1 optic neuritis
2 anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy
3 cmv retinitis
4 functional visual loss

143. all r true abt socialized medicine except
1 decreases competition among practitioners for patients
2 state incorporation for free medicine
3 itself states utilization of health facilities

144. all r seen in 3rd nerve palsy except
1 ptosis
2 diplopia
3 miosis
4 eye moves laterally

145. all r true abt oxygenase except
1 incorporate one atom of O2
2 incorporate both atoms of O2
3 hydroxylation

146. Granulosa cl tumr..marker
Ans inhibin?

147. Atopic dermatitis wid childs mother givin h/o bronchial asthma

148. investigation of choice for zenker diverticulum?

149. episodic anemia +jaundice..all except

G-6 PD
Sickle cell
Hereditary sphero

150. Leaking meningomyelocele..what investigation

wound culture
blood culture
urine culture

151. only neurons affected–repeat..ANS-spinocerebellar ataxia

152. EEG slowing aneathesia–repaet..ANS- hypothermia

153. HAM test–repaet again–ans GPI anchor

154. non blanching purpura lower limb-IgA ..MODIFIED RPT–aNS – HENOCH SCHOLEIN

155. a ques on normal PT,Plat count and inc aPTT,no bleeding history? Factor 8 value is 60id-l.
1- vwf factor def

156. 1% pilocarpine given,large non responding pupil,cause is
a.adies pupil
b.pharmacological blockage
c uncal herniation

157. patient with recurrent joint pains n pettiechial hemorrhages-
a]megakariocytic thrombocytopenia
b]amegakarocytic thrombocytopenia
d]factor viii inhibitors

158. Not true about Alzheimer’s disease-
1.Neurofibrillary tangles correlate with the degree of dementia
2.Tau proteins
3.Plaques increase with age

159. 40 nm gap junction bet tropo collagen contains which ion? Ca/fe/ Carbohydrate

160. Adr,dopamine receptors? Serpentine/4 times / G protein

161. Under 304 A max punishment in yrs

162. lady on hemodialysis developed carpel tunnel. Found to be due to amyloidosis. Wt type is the amyloid? Beta2 microglobulin

163. ICU pt on central line gn genta + ceftazidime. Culture grew gram positive bact in chain. Started on vanco for 2 wks but bacteria still persisted. Which is it? Staph aureus/ coag neg Staph/ Enterococci / gpA strept

164. Pt with jaundice and white stools. Which of the foll enzymes is not raised?5’nucleotidase/ alkaline phosphatase/ aminotransferase/ glutamate dehydrogenase

165. MI reinfarct… trop consecutive raise, 3 times trop pos.. ; sudden death can be due to mi

166. which of the following drug is used to stop progression in relapsing remmiting type of ms? Interferon/ glatiramer/ natalizumab

167. lady with fever for 15 days with recent onset altered sensorium. CT brain shows basal exudates with meningeal enhancement.most probable etiology? TB

168. LDL receptor true except.. clathrin coated receptor on cell membrane /present only in extrahepatic tissues/ taken by endocytosis/ increased cellular chloesterol downregulates the receptors

169. T4 to T3 conversion is inhibited by all except?methimazole/PTU/ propanolol/amiodarone

170. SIADH true is all except? serum Na can be as low as 125/serum sodium is normal or slightly low/vaptans are new FDA approved drugs for its Rx

171. LBA with inability to extend great toe. Disc prolapse at what level? L4-L5

172. Which therapy is not for deep tissue penetration? short wave diathermy/microwave/ultrasound

173. Pt developed numbness.. which test is useful except…. finkanstein/phalen/tourniquette/Tinel sign

174. which is not a neuronal migration disorder? schizencephaly/lissencephaly/

175. mri finding of cavernous angioma-popcorn like

176. which not seen in hypertensive disorders of preg?macrosomia/eclampsia/help

177. isoenzyme

178. Chymotrypsinogen is a zymogen

179. DEGENERANCY- all aminoacids coded by more than 1 codon

180. All r limb girdle dystrophies except- dystrophinopathy

181. Question about thallium/ dobutamine for hibernating myocardium….?

182. In prolonged starvation the presence of alanine in blood indicates

183. Not a feature of myelopathies?

1. Facial nerve palsy
2. Bladder and bowel involvement

184. Meta-analysis

185. Best for comparing new and gold standard test- Bland and Altman analysis

186. Heterotopic ossification

187. USG findings in hypertrophic pyloric stenosis are all except-
1. Gastric contenis
2. >4mm

188. CV junction- Ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis

189. Not a somatoform disorder- Fibromyalgia, Somatization disorder

190. A patient of rheumatoid arthritis with anemia; Fe 30; TIBC 280; Ferritin 200- Anemia of chronic disease

191. Structure based drug

192. Chloroquine retinopathy all true except-
1. >250mg/d or >3mg/kg
2. >480g total dose
3. >2years

193. A question on PTH –

194. Not true about fetal circulation-can rapidly clear CO2 from circulation

195. True about resistance in various organisms are all except-
1. Most common mechanism of inactivation of drugs is by the release of extracellular enzymes
2. Plasmid mediated resistance is always mediated by vertical transmission

196. Panic attack-serotonin, glutamate, gaba

197. Least likely to occur in hypothermia-arrhythmia, decreased peripheral resistance

198. Not true about Vitamin D-25 hydroxylation in liver; 1 hydroxylation in kidne; Williams syndrome; 400-600 iu/d

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