How to search PowerPoint, Excel, word, flash files and seminar

Study Temple is a great website with load of study materials. It offer Millions of different types of study materials.

It also offer a unique type of service by which you can search different type of Power Points, Excel, word, flash files, seminar etc. very easily using its special search Engine called PowerPoint search Engine.

It is very simple to use and here is step wise step guide for newbies :

  • Type the search query in search box related to topic you want to search
  • Click Search button
  • You will Reach page like this

  • In above Screen Shot there is Red box encircling “Refine Results”  with following options
  • PDF for Portable Document Format to read in acrobat adobe reader.
  • DOC & DOCx for document to read in MS word.
  • PPT & PPTx for Power Point File format/extension (Microsoft).
  • SWF for Shockwave Flash (Flash animation technology).
  • XLS for Excel Worksheet.
  • ALL to search all these format all together.
  • Now just Select refine option according to your preference to search particular format.
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